Hello Kitty Hospital!

Usually one wont sound so excited when the word “hospital” is being mentioned. But it’s totally different when a hello-kitty themed hospital is specially built for expectant mothers to deliver their babies!

Okie. Im not pregnant or whatsoever. Just happened to see this piece of news on Channel NewsAsia and it’s so COOL!

The Hau-Sheng Hospital, a four storey pink hospital was built in 2006 and claims to be the only hospital officially authorised by Sanrio, the parent company of the popular cartoon character.

It features a Hello Kitty statue in doctor’s uniform that stands in the lobby and directs patients into a registration area beside a Hello Kitty elevator. Patients then wait to be examined in a pink room with a Hello Kitty poster.

The hospital wishes to create a cosy atmosphere for mothers who often fear the pain of giving birth. Twice a year, Hello Kitty live figures come to the hospital to visit mothers and children.

Tsai Tsung-chi, director of Hau-Sheng Hospital, said: “I wish everyone who comes here – mothers suffer while giving birth, and children suffer with their sickness – to receive medical care while seeing this Kitty, it brings a smile to their faces, helps them forget about discomfort and recover faster.”

The hospital has 30 beds, with two beds in a room. Each room, with a Hello Kitty room number plate, is equipped with Hello Kitty bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets, dressers, pink curtains, wallpaper, and a large poster. Cutlery and dressing table also features hello kitty. And lastly, even the nurses and doctors wore hello-kitty uniforms!

Tsai spent more than $3.2 million (£2.1 million) constructing and decorating the building from scratch.

How cute is that?

A Hello Kitty themed maternity ward is seen inside a hospital in Changhua County

A patient rests inside a Hello Kitty themed maternity ward

Baby’s ward with nurses in Hello Kitty uniforms


Although the hospital only has 30 beds, it’s always full. They’re really popular with the Taiwanese. I cant seem to find the charges of the hospital but bet they must be real expensive. Haha Though I do wish Singapore have one too. They will definitely bring smiles and ease the tension of stressful fathers and mothers.

It is a tradition for asian women to spend a month resting & recovery after giving birth. And if you’re so crazy with pink and girly stuff, there is this recovery center which has gorgeous rooms.

4 themes

Rose Theme

So sweetttttt~

So expectant mothers can give birth in a Hello Kitty hospital and after that spend a whole month inside a pretty pink room! Lol. Shiok!

Source: http://itn.co.uk/news/5f718e43ef89beb764241ce7ab3332e7.html, http://www.kittyhell.com/2007/06/22/hello-kitty-hospital/, and Yahoo Search.


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