Fur wraps. =)

Cant really sleep. So I thought I’ll post some good buys which Im really pleased with.

I’ve been hoping to find a decent, good fur wrap to go with my cheongsum for photoshoot and actual wedding day. It’s not a must, it simply crosses my mind when I saw beautiful pictures of some brides in their evening gowns or cheongsums with fur wrap. A good fur-wrap instantly glams up any simple outfit. However, most are ridiculously priced at major department stores, especially when their quality is merely good and not fantastic. Fur wraps at Taka were priced over $250 while some stores like Fashion.Lab and LVER have them at around $100. It’s still too much indulgence to me if I were to spend so much on an accessory that I wont be frequently using.

Today at AMK hub, dearie and me cruised by a gigantic shop, which looks kinda like This Fashion but it’s not. I think it’s Top21 or something, sorry dont quite remember. They have some stuff which are pretty good though you must have a sharp eye. I left the store happily with 2 items despite the promo of buy 3 get 1 free.

Silverish Grey fur jacket

Reddish/orange-black fur wrap

Usually, I will prefer white for both anytime but white wasnt available. And after the sales assistant highlighted that actually silverish grey is easily matchable with most colours as it’s also a neutral colour. As for the reddish-black fur-wrap, they will match black, purple and red evening gowns perfectly. Maybe because it has patches of black on it. I was wearing a purple top then and both really still matches well. As for the reddish/orange-black fur wrap, I tried to imagine it with my red cheongsum. I think it should look fine. Anyway, the SA commented that the colour of fur wraps/jackets should be a contrast to what you’re wearing else it wont stand out. As white is pretty common and easily dirtied, I became more acceptable to these less-than-common colours.

Anyway, looking at the pricetags of both(grey=$30, red=$20, so cheap!), I finally decided to get it since I feel they’re really quite worth the money. They’re also easily matchable with the colours of cocktail dresses which I owned; purple, red, black. Always remember to buy clothing accessories which are easily matchable with the bulk of your wardrobe. The quality is pretty good and both are lined with satin, very comfortable. And most importantly, the silverish grey jacket isnt thick at all, means it’s just nice for our warm climate or aircon environment.

As Im feeling a little chilly in my spaghetti top and skirt, dearie took out the silverish-grey jacket for me to wear. Since nobody is giving me weird looks on the jacket, I think it’s quite OK for normal wear too! And it really feels comfortable..the fur is so soft. =)

Evening time we went Causeway point. Once again disappointed when I failed to get my pair of shoes at Heatwave. Sigh. Which is the most ulu heatwave branch in Singapore? I wanna get my heels in size 4!! Since no size 3, shall make do with 4. We passed by Fu Hua Ginseng Birdnest shop and saw hoards of people. Then we realised they’re having some sort of promotion because it’s their XXth anniversary year. Most stuff are going at cheaper pricing or on a basis of 5 free 1. I bought 6 bottles of Harshima with red ginseng(5 free 1, $10 each) and 1 bottle of Blood Birdnest at the sales price of $19. The raw ones probably are better but they costs around hundreds and moreover, I also dont know how to prepare them. So forget it la.

I always patronise Fu Hua for their bottled birdnests. So far so good loh…at least there are ample bits in a bottle rather than those from Yu Ren Shen which are mostly sweetened water. Anyway, I cant see any ginseng in the Harshima lah($10 only what you expect) but they do taste yummy. Heehee Like jelly. Chilled it and they’re ready to be consumed as healthy dessert after supper. 1 bottle comes up to a normal dessert size bowl. Gave 2 to mummy and gonna give another 2 to mother-in-law. 2 for myself. Dearie can have the birdnest la. Assuming I haven gobble it up first. Haha. Actually I feel like going back and buy more leh…(I tend to buy lesser stuff when shopping with dearie…well you know…=P)….

Dont know when the promo ends…they make great gifts. =)

Later in the afternoon meeting my dear sweeties G and Jy. We intended to visit Kel and her baby together too but she cant make it. So next time then. Gonna go Mazzario at Centrepoint to collect my altered cheongsums. OMG..I scared I cant fit into them lor…I eat so much these days…my waist became thicker I think! *Horror* Sigh…since my AD has being brought forward by 2 months…that means my wedding dress has to be made much earlier and so is our photoshoot. That means I cant continue my “eat-whatever-I-want” holiday liao. =( There’s no time to waste…I must continue my “cant-eat-too-much” regime again. Sigh..how I envy Ser who can always stay so slim despite eating like nobody’s business.

Anyway maybe I will pyscho them to buy cheongsums too to wear on my AD. But think very difficult lah. Jy haven achieved her ideal weight yet after delivery and G is always not satisfied with her body shape, most probably they will shun cheongsums. Kel also just gave birth. We’ll see next year how then. =)


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