WordPress’s connection just f*cked up and 2 of my long posts are gone!!!!

What the helllllllllllllllll

I’ve emailed the support, not very politely but rather straight to the point about WHAT they can do to retrieve my long posts. It’s nothing against the support admin but seriously they need to do something!! Like increase their bandwidth or whatever shit they call it, because the connection is going bonkers!!! For 1 moment, the website wasnt responding. For another moment, there is an error and post couldnt be published. For the next moment, the entry I want to delete cant be deleted.

FOR THE FINAL MOMENT, the latest post got published with the right heading but with the previous entry’s body text!! What happened to the body?? DISAPPEARED INTO THIN AIR?? And when I tried to delete the duplicate entry under the different title, HOORAY, the duplicate entry AS WELL AS the original entry were being deleted together!

*breathe deeply*

Obviously my previous issue of pictures appearing distorted in wordpress(but perfect in friendster and blogger) is because of their limited bandwidth or something. MUST BE SOMETHING THEY ARE INSUFFICIENT OF LAH. Otherwise how can the same pictures appear perfectly elsewhere but not here? Even though they solved my problem by asking me to UPLOAD ALL PICTURES ONE BY ONE INTO THEIR SERVER and using their method to post(which is extremely troublesome), it proves they’re just plain LOUSY! They’re like the worst domain I ever had, compared to livejournal and blogger.

I feel like changing a domain.


**P/S And FARKkk. While posting this entry again, the connection was being reset AGAIN for the umpteenth time. Pressing “back” gets me back to this screen. FINE. This time I’ll save a draft. I cant let my outburst be unheard again!! **
**The second try: “Your attempt to edit this post: “” has failed.

Please try again.”



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