Zirca Night



Because Im having a hangoverrrrr. Booooo!!

It feels like a dozen fairies dancing around in my stomach. =(

Yesterday Jes and her bf, James got the exclusive invitation to Zirca’s party at Clarke Quay and asked me along. Im so happy to go because I havent club in ages! Erm, got lah. Got go Dragonfly and St James few times some time back but perhaps I didnt enjoy at all, thus not shiok. I still prefer clubbing with my darling girls like Jes, G, Kel, Jy the usual gang. Initially wanted to ask dearie too but he cant make it. Last minute also difficult to jio others already. Free flow from 9.30pm to 11.30pm. It was the first time I heard of “Zirca”. It’s actually the newly opened disco to replace MOS. We reached around 8.55pm but was told that the club haven open and will only open at 9.30pm. When we returned at 9.30pm, we were shocked to find hoards of people and a super long queue. Many people from the media industry as well as the dancers were being granted advance entry. Somehow, dont know how lah, we end up around the beginning of the queue but were only being admitted at 9.50pm. The door host claimed the club wasnt ready before that.

Duhzz rubbish.

Anyway, when it was our turn to be admitted, Jes and I were shocked to know that they were very strict on checking I.C. Why, they even checked the I.C of a malay woman infront of us, who looked at least 28 to me. =.= I panicked, because I didnt bring I.C at all! So flustered that I frantically pulled out all my credit cards, and stupidly claimed “credit cards only for above 21 years old right? Can that prove Im above 21?”

Oh yes. But the cards only show a name, without my face. Arrgghhhh.

Anyway she finally let me in after I pleaded with her silently with my starry puppy eyes, whispering to me not to tell anyone or she might lose her job. ZzZz Okie. So I got in.

Upon reaching the interior of the disco, our sight were immediately draw to the sexy Caucasians dancers atop the open metal-structured hallway across the 2nd storey. From the bottom, all of us have a lovely view of their cute derrière. Some old uncles seated at tables beneath the bridge gazed lustfully. *faintz* I wonder are they due to withdraw their cpf? At least 55 and above manz. I really applaud their “activeness”. But the crowd is not bad though, mix mix lah.

Every batch of dancers will dance for around 20 minutes and thereafter every 45minutes, there will be a new batch of dancers in different costumes. Most of them are Asians, only the first dance are by Caucasians. Though the way they danced look about the same. Provocative and sexy, yet not sleazy. =) All the dancers have good figures and looked stunning too.

Apart of freeflow housepour, there is also free flow of chivas. Too bad no green tea as mixer. Only 7up and coke. We had alot of fun drinking. =) James might look quiet at my ROM when we met for the first time but he’s not that quiet, though of course not as chatty as Jes la. Haha.

When the time reached 1+am, Jes and me were like half gone. Not from drinking but from fatigue.

“We really old liao hor?” She asked out loud, as if she totally understood how I felt, unbearable of the loud music, stuff venue, on top of the fatigue.

“Yeah. We are.”

I was really fine even after reaching home. But dont know why after awhile then stomach became uncomfy and even vomited once. Haiz. Perhaps the maggie mee I ate digested before I started to drink loh.

Im starting to admire those clubbers above 25 years old who can club till 3am+. It’s really not easy leh.


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