Admiral Grill at Sembawang

Movie Title: Body of Lies
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Erm..I almost forgotten I’ve watched the show. I only remembered it’s not too terrible. But totally no impression at all. So you think la.

Dearie has been encouraging me to do more exercise because he knew that my state of health is in a really bad shape. As in, I really cant walk for more than 10minutes without feeling breathless. Just 10 steps of stairs can make me pant and my legs ache. It really scares me sometimes but I really cant help it. I think Im really too reliant on dearie fetching me or else cabbing. No wonder Im getting fatter and fatter again. Die lah, dont know the altered cheongsum can wear or not.

After my ROM, I’ve been eating like a pig again. I already tried to curb liao but very difficult. I meant to visit Admiral Grill & Bar in Sembawang after seeing good reviews at However, I was vastly shocked and disappointed when we reached after a good 45mintures or more journey from bishan(I was at bishan and dearie came to fetch me).

It’s not at all like what I’ve expected. I know they have both indoor and outdoor seating but I didnt expect it to be as noisy like a market! It’s located at a hilltop. Short of complaining how long we drove in circles in Sembawang just to find that Old Nelson Road. Upon reaching, I saw a few lao beng smoking just outside the place which was brewing with smoke. Alas, shouldnt they keep the BBQ area more discreetly. That smoke, reminds me of temples. I requested a 2 pax table and they showed me to a table which was beside a table of guys who were smoking. Irritating. Therefore I asked whether they have non-smoking area. As the indoor was already full with their own 1year anniversary party, we only have to take the outdoor seating. The waitress merely showed me the table BESIDE the table which she showed me previously(further away from the smoking table) and said that’s the non-smoking area. =.=

Fine fine. I was damn hungry already and upon minutes browsing the menu(no variety anyway), I ordered the so-called must-try BBQ baby ribs which was highly raved by many go-ers on Dearie wasnt hungry and merely ordered Topshells. The taste was not bad but slightly too spicy for our liking and it has a slight fishy taste, as if it’s not very fresh. When my ribs came, they really dont look appetizing. For they look as dry as twigs without any sauce. I’ve never seen such “dry” ribs before. When I asked whether they have any sauce like BBQ sauce to go with it, they said they only have ketchup.

Okie Nevermind. I tried to cut with the knife and fork but apparently wasnt very successful. Nevertheless, I cut up the ribs so that I can grab them to eat by my thumb and index finger. Im simply too hungry already. They smelled good, a slight peppery BBQ smell but that’s where it ended. The taste? The meat was so tough and so little. They’re like the skinniest ribs I’ve ever eaten. No meat one. I chewed and chewed, really is no meat lor. Or else too tough to come off. You can probably guess Im not very full after I’ve finished them.

What a coincidence. I bumped into Sha, an ex kbox colleague there who was drinking with her boyfriend and friends. She is on friendly terms with the boss and told him about my complaints, much to my grimace. Anyway, the boss offered ANOTHER rack of ribs for me which I panicky declined. Please lor…another rack of tough dry ribs…no thanks… Then he offered chicken chop….still I declined…….they dont have any desserts…and finally he insisted on giving us calamari on top of the 10% discount. Duhz…I’ll prefer a 20% discount anytime. We ate a few pieces of calamari and then passed the rest to Sha because we were full with the consumption of water when the topshells were too spicy. The calamaris were over-fried by the way.

I dont know how they got the high ratings in the website..but I’ll definitely wont go there again. The crowd…cannot make it. The indoor have pool table and ktv system…looks like some boat quay pub huh….but I think boat quay is not as bad lor. Dont know how to describe lah. The whole place like very no standard, low class, messy, noisy, smoky…argghhhh

So I think cannot believe all of’s ratings…because some might be fake. I just dont know why my ribs turned out so bad when many complimented them to be superb…either that that day the chef was being replaced or something lah. But again for the atmosphere and thanks.


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