I need ideas

Geez. I cant help indulging in the festive mood although Christmas is still like quite far away. Partly because few happy occasions are just around the corner. James’s wedding is on 29th Nov. Dearie’s birthday is on 4th Dec. So far no plans for Christmas. Nobody invites me to parties or gathering. Oh boy, Im so lifeless. But you know what? Im still very blissful and happy. =D Because with dearie, I seem to have the world. =)

If you’re wondering why should you marry or why you should even marry your current boyfriend(if he ever proposes), then your answer, should preferably be like mine;

That is,
There’s nobody else except him whom you like to see after a whole day of hard work.
There’s nobody else except him whom you like to see whenever you wake up in the morning.
There’s nobody else except him whom you wish to call to complain after meeting a nasty client.
There’s nobody else except him whom you wanna hug to share happy news with.
There’s nobody else except him whom you wanna kiss after watching a touching movie scene.
There’s nobody else except him whom you wanna spend the rest of your life with.

IF you’re attached with a boyfriend and you have more than 1 image or name in your mind for all the above questions, please re-consider the proposal(for any).

IF you’re attached with a boyfriend and you have different images or names in your mind for allllll the above questions, then seriously something is wrong with you.


Im definitely not the so-called SA–>Snugly Attached…hmm…or rather…SM–>Snugly Married. I just dont wish to see couples marry for all the wrong reasons and go through a whole lot of episodes and end up back to square one with a by-product which wails and screams for milk all the time. That’s such a waste of time and effort, and money.

Though nobody knows what will happen in the future(I dont even know mine), well, at least try to go for one which is promising…and not…vague.


Dropped by my bridal, NewImage to browse some of their gowns because I know they got quite a few new ones as some brides just had their weddings in Nov. It’s a good thing IMM is near my place, hence I can pop down whenever I want to. It’s not super near lah but at least better than tanjiong pagar or town. And also, I wanted to try on my new pair of silver super-super-high-heels with different cuttings of gowns(especially ball gowns) to see how I look in them, before I decide on the design on my MTM wedding gown. I wont want to look like a pumpkin.

One must know her flaws and attributes. *winKz*

I always know they have a pathetic range of gowns because they have been aggressively, indirectly discouraging me to see their studio. Their company is very new, I know that. Before viewing the studio, I’ve already thought of the worst. But..I would say…they really WIN liao lah. Because, it’s really really really pathetic. Erm..they asked me not to worry so much because many more gowns will be added to the collection for my selection next year. Okok. Anyway, I just tried on a few different gowns and roughly got some ideas. It seems ball gowns are not entirely out of the list for me…but I still need to analyze a design with caution.

I actually spent few hours in IMM and it was a disaster. Somehow I loittered here and loittered there…and…eventually loittered into a shop with a nice cheongsum on their display mannequin.

“You bought another cheongsum, AGAIN?”

*head low low*

“not one but two?”

I really cant help it if the first piece was at a 30% off and the second at 50% off, can I?!

And you wont know I fit their S size PERFECTLY!

Oh well, one of them need some alteration at the waist…but…but…it’s only a $8 extra. And both cheongsums are of good quality, length just nice(knee), came up to around a $100 only. That’s about $50 1 piece. Very value for money!

“You buy so many cheongsums, got occasions to wear or not??!!”

*blushed furiously*

BY HOOK OR BUY CROOK, I WILL FIND OCCASIONS TO WEAR LAH! At most, for James’s wedding, Xmas, New Year, Chinese New year, Huey’s wedding, Bridal photoshoot and Wedding Actual Day(in chronological order), I ALL WEAR CHEONGSUMS LOR!



Im really getting incorrigible. It’s my 5th cheongsum already. *stuck out tongue*

Also bought a nice long sleeve shirt top and a pair of slingback from Mondo. =)

Okie that’s all for now till Feb!! No more shopping already!! Because Im going Macau/Hongkong in Mid-Jan. =P Buy there instead.

My things to buy there
1) cheap gloves to match cheongsums
2) cheap fur-wraps
3) cheap heels to match cheongsums

Abit headache on how to celebrate dearie’s birthday. Another hotel stay I think. We just love to nua. Dearie told me dont spend so much..hmm…but I do wish we have a lovely night stay. Fullerton and Furama abit sian already…maybe trying other hotels. But shunning 5 star hotels since I wanna save money. But I also dont want sleazy hotels leh….headache….

Do comment if you have any ideas. =)

No Singapore Flyer please. It’s so boring!

We have no time for a bintan/batam getaway too.


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