ROM Solemnisation pictures

Finally got to see our pictures taken by Calvin. There are surprises as well as disappointments. Surprise is he got some really wonderful shots taken. Disappointment is, those fantastic shots are kinda few. I think Roy capture more good shots with my Sony 8.1mp camera… I was hoping to get back at least 200 pictures but I only got 145. And around more than 50% are a mixture of non-living things and people without a decent portion of the face. Not that they shouldnt be taken. Journalistic feel, artistic, I know lah. But at least the ones capturing the face must be more than those mah. Moreover this is not photoshoot, this is ROM. Capturing the moments are more important. Even for photoshoot, I also wont choose more than 35% pictures without my face in it lor. I think it’s kinda stupid and waste money. No offence though, personal opinion.

Then half the time, dearie’s eyes are closed or half closed. Either that, his smile is damn constipated, like, he’s not even smiling! He’s just opening his mouth a wee fraction as if that is smiling already. Duhz! If I didnt know, I will think he dozed off. Most of my pictures, my bouquet blocked the top of my gorgeous gown and I didnt even noticed. Stupid lor. I should have hold my bouquet lower. And Cal is not sensitive and helpful enough to advise me nor advise us of the standing arrangement most of the time. We were so lost sometimes. Fortunately, either his photography skills or his camera flash/lens damn powerful, even without outdoor lightning, I think his camera flash did an even more fantastic job. And I noticed Cal did not give me all the pictures he snapped, perhaps only the cream of the crop. But, I realised some of the mono(black/white) pictures are better in colour and the coloured copy is not inside the DVD. So Im getting them from him. Meanwhile, here are around 50 pictures which are not-bad shots from him, other than the ones I took with my Sony camera. Enjoy~ *Warning: Image heavy*

In the room–>Chaos. Damn damn. Cal didnt take a picture of the room number! 1909!

Yeah the same towel swans you saw before.

Okie I repeat. It’s Furama Riverfront Hotel, The Waterfall Lounge. A white building in between King Copthorne Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel at Havelock Road. WY and Li, just in case in future you have another solemnisation there in future. =P

My brothers as receptionists. Dearie’s bro signing attendance.

There you go. Journalistic feel shots.

Yes, Im so sorry that I reached later than my guests. Just blame my MUA for messing up my hair. Argghh Ugly birdnest head.

Apparently, Cal took dozens of shots of my lovely back. Yeah, that must be because the front got nothing to rave about.

Please sign

Solemnisation Table

Flower piece with mikes

Cute M with Sweet Est signing off, with my lovely pink feather pens! I wish got more shots like this. Alas, but others were all pictures of my guests’ lovely asses.

Thank you for all your wishes

Taking picture with 2 gorgeous ladies, WY and Li. Who seems to have alot on their minds. Hmmm…

My besties, G and Kel!

Rey, Iv and Ce. Rey dont know said what during that day which kept makes me laugh. =P

My 2 brothers who look sibei sianz.

Chirpy Viy with Sexy Ser

With KT and his wife. I attended their wedding at Mandarin too!

The rings which bind us to eternity. Yeah kinda lame..but yeah..our wedding bands.

全家福 New family members joined in

My dearest family. If you noticed something missing, dont ask~

My FIL, MIL, dearie and dearie’s brother.

Haha. When M viewed our pictures, she said dearie’s family and friends all look somewhat like him, decent decent wearing spectacles, guai guai type. While my mummy and ger friends all chio chio pretty type. Well, thank you! Though I feel my friends were all so much prettier than me. =) S commented my didi(brothers) look very cool. I said, “Oh yes. You dont know him then find them cool lor. After you know them, then you will find them “attitude”. =P

Did I mentioned mummy was so touched during the ceremony that few tears dropped. Thanks to Huey who immediately tended to my mummy. =D

Bunch of playful and cheeky colleagues

Oh yes Ash, here I found you. Together with my long-time bestie, Huey with her helpful hubby, AL.

Energetic Jes with long-time bf Ja. Hope they tie the knot soon!!

Mik & Eil. Hope your turn soon eh

Solemnisation in progress

Is it me, or does he look very sian?

“with you I surrender my love…care..concern…bla bla..”

You are mine liao

Please appreciate this tiny waist and slim arms which I starved myself into. You might never see it again.

Muacks Muacks

Signing proposal form……..policy inforced soon.


Witnesses with Solemniser, Mr Chan Kai Yau on the right.

No offence….but…do you feel Mr Chan look like Happousai, the Ah Gong in Ranma 1/2?

Cute hor? haha

All the handshakes of congrats. Thanks

Hand in hand

We’re married

“Hannar! know you married lah”

Big bum

Do re mi fa sol

排队吃东西 This photographer likes to take pictures of people’s bums. =.=

Going back to room for more shots

Eh just realised photobucket got special functions like this, i.e, Sepia effect. But..I already uploaded so many prior to this liao. ZzZzz.

Omg…Im dying from all this uploading

I prefer this in colour actually

My crystals studded heels!

Very happy. =)

Okie That’s all. Anymore I’ll update again. =D

I will post more pictures on our wedding website…once done will update here. Cheerios!~!


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