Cheongsum Fetish

After I bought my 2 cheap cheongsums at Lucky Plaza and was raving about all the shops there because they sells great stuffs at great prices, Dearie was mumbling, “die liao loh, another new fetish, CHEONGSUMS”. He said that because earlier on I was having this…not fetish lah…but obsessive liking with bling bling hair accessories. And I spend over a hundred on those, plus few pairs of bling earrings too, at a shop in Lucky Plaza.

“Simi fetish…wont lah…now that I have 2 cheongsums liao…wont buy already lah. More than enough.”

Few days ago we stroded into Centrepoint because dearie wanted to redeem his robinson vouchers. Since we’re there, I’ve decided to shop around lor…and just a little curious about one particular cheongsum shop here. Because weeks ago, Ser and me passed by a shop selling gorgeous cheongsums at Fareast and the lady said the Fareast branch is just a showroom and their main branch is at Centrepoint, which has more sizes.

“Browse only lah..” I assured Dearie.

After 1+ hour, we walked away with a redemption card to collect my cheongsum after it’s altered. =P

I simply cant resist! Dammit! Yes. I might be “infected” again.

Cheongsum fetish.

The 2 which I bought from Lucky Plaza are full halter necks with a low back. One is a gorgeous red with reflecting mini golden phoenixes while the other is a sweet pink flowery ordinary cheongsum. Both falls below the knee and backless till mid-back and as I said, need alterations for the length as well as waist. Fabric is rather thin and not so fine, but still look good, especially the red, with colours that reflects the light at different angles. From far, they simply looked simple and elegant.

For the one at Centrepoint, Mazzario by Mimi, it’s a stunning mini cheongsum. Mini merely means “mini skirt”, as in, it’s super short for a cheongsum. It falls few inches above the knee with sexy oriental flexible closures on both sides. I likeeeeeeeeeeee~ Wahahaha Halter neck but not backless, merely a hole infront on the chest. Not low cut, I feel it’s just nice. =D Based in green with other colours like gold, lined in blue, gorgeous fabric. But was it flowers? Dont quite remember. But it’s fabric definitely looks more complicated than the ones from Lucky Plaza. It looks modern, chic with an oriental flair. But it costs a $230 after a $20 discount. *frownz* Dearie sponsored me $100. Not full amount. Haha Better than nothing. =P Free alterations included. I fit a S nicely but just need to shed alittleee off my waist and alittleee off at the chest.

So G was exclaiming with incredulousness, “where are you going with so many cheongsums??!!”

“They can be tea-dresses to be worn when serving tea…or to be worn after dinner is over(thank-you-for-coming-say-bye-bye-dress)…or even Chinese New year ah!” I claimed innocently wide-eyed, trying to justify my purchase of 3 cheongums in a row. Or for themed nights such as Shanghai Nights ah!! =P

Considering that it costs less than Kelly’s piece which costs $300, Im trying hard to justify my good purchase. Lol. Anyway, met up with her, G and Jy yesterday at The Central for a dinner at Waraku restaurant as well as some catching up. I just knew her $300 cheongsum is made-to-measure with full bareback.

Aiya, I didnt got to see her back leh on her wedding night. So wasted. She was looking all radiant with her 8months big tummy in her bright yellow flowery flowy dress. Not fair one, her arms still so slim. Jy still have a slight tummy after her delivery. She gained 14kg while Kel gained 12kg. WAH!! Jy remarked that she wanted to be on a diet and 43kg is her desired weight when her normal weight was 46kg before the pregnancy. Wow! What an ambitious goal! But hope she can succeed! So that we can all go beach in bikinis. Kekeke.

G still looked as youthful as ever with her baby face with great complexion. Time seemed to stay stagnant on her! Anyway we yakked non-stop in the restaurant before/during/after our dinner then we adjourned to Starbucks where we continued to yak till 12+am. Didnt bring camera so no pictures. But baby Enzo is so freaking cute!!! Really!! His face is like machiam got 2 bah baos stuffed in his cheeks. Super cute. Jy said he looked like her because he got bao bao face. Whatever lah. Because I always feel Jy looks good even with her slightllllyyyy chubby face, which she’s always complaining. Cheeks got some flesh then got shape mah, she’s photogenic too.

Most probably Kel cant meet up for Christmas because she will be in confinement. Estimated delivery date will be beginning of Dec. But she said can meet up for new year lah. Meanwhile I also wish to see baby Enzo leh…so see how la…whether the busy and popular G can be available. If not we all meet during new year at Jy’s house then, since her house is the biggest, semi-detached. How did I spend my last Christmas? Hmm…went dearie’s fren Xin yin’s house I think. His friends quite funny, food were great too. =)

Few days ago(Im sorry every event states few days ago because I dont remember dates/days one), dearie accompanied me to ktv. Finally manz…poor me…hardly have ktv or mahjiong kakkis available at matching timings. Dearie dont like to sing that much so practically I was holding a mini concert in my room. He no choice lor, as my hubby, he have to endure my terrible singing the whole night. Geez, Im really rusty.

Sincere thanks to Ser who passed me my belated pressie months ago!

Thank you!!!!!! I really no need buy perfume liao. Hahaha!

Ok, going to meet Calvin to take our ROM pictures liao. Pleaseeeee…let them be nice, just once for me okie??


2 Responses to Cheongsum Fetish

  1. Ir says:

    Must show pictures of your 3 CHEONG..sums hehehe…

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    Purposely dont show one. Heehee. Then got surprise when I wear mah. =P

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