My nightmare

Later in the afternoon, Im going to have my NN “teh” by another man other than my husband. And the thought sickens me. 😦

Im finally going for my complimentary check-up in the morning granted by Great Eastern for my purchase of PinkLife policy, i.e, a policy specially targeted for females for protection against female illnesses. Every 2 years, Great Eastern grants a free checkup to the client other than the freebies like free kickboxing/yoga every month, ELLE magazie, preferential rates for medical services etc etc. I have been holding back the check-up till now as I want it to be after my ROM. Just in case for any sad news. *touch wood* And of course I upgraded my own policies again prior to this appointment. Coverage can never be too much.

I have to choose between Camden Medical Center and Gleneagles Hospital. Both are renowned and I chose Camden. The medical check-up looks comprehensive enough. No mammogram but there is breast examination. And I just HAVE to comment that my company can be so C*CK sometimes. Since only females are applicable to buy PinkLife and thus enjoy the accompanying benefits as well as the free check-up, they should jolly well prepare a FEMALE doctor mah! =.= Both Camden and Gleneagles dont have female doctors to do this check-up. *groaned* Knowing that I wont be in time to feedback to change my ultimatum, I can only request, “Please do give me the oldest chinese male doctor that is available.” The nurse replied, “erm…the doctor is 40years old..already oldest liao. Is it okie?”

What can I say?

As if I can choose.

GE ah GE……sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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