Yesssssss! I know I should be sleeping!! Yesssssssss! I know I should be thinking hard on how to reach my targets instead of fantasizing and *nite*-dreaming. But ohhhhh…….just look at what I’ve found. It’s quite impossible to tear my eyes after after the very first picture leapt at me.


My 3rd Favourite
Villa Dewata III
4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms – sleeps up to 8 guests.

Pool, Garden & Gate

pool and villa

living area

dining, living area

dining,living area



pool villa

My 2nd Favourite
Water Spa Villas
1.5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms – sleep up to 4 guests.

water spa villa

private pool and villa

night dining

master bedroom & study

master bedroom

master bathroom

outdoor master bathtub

study/2nd bedroom

2nd bathroom

spa pavillion & living area

My Favourite
Blue Ocean Villa
3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms — sleeps up to 6 guests.

blue ocean villa

Ocean View & bale

swimming pool

dining/living area

master bedroom

master bathroom

guest bedroom

swimming pool and day bed

entertainment area

BBQ area

villa at night

view from villa

And just look at the accompanying services they providing. They literally treat you like kings and queens with a personal cook and butler! The cooks can prepare whatever you want to eat but you have to pay for the ingredients lah….cannot you order lobsters and sharkfins and no need pay la. =P Some spas and massages are totally complimentary during the stay everyday. They also provided you with an air-conditioned car with driver to drive you about the island. What more can one ask for?

Facilities & Features

* Two private swimming pools; lap pool on the upper level
and paddling pool on the lower level;
* State-of-art 42 inch LCD TV set with over 50 International news,
sports and movie channels in the entertainment room, as well as
VCD / DVD player and stereo system;
* BOSE lifestyle music system in the living area with connection to other areas;
* 21 inch LCD TV in all bedrooms with with
over 50 International news, sports and movie channels;
* Barbeque area with complete barbeque equipment and refrigerator;
* Fully equipped kitchen;
* Soap, shampoo, bath gel, cotton buds, hairdryers,
cotton robes and slippers;
* Personal electronic safe;
* Your personal Butler to take care of ALL your requirements.
* Excellent full-time cooks, maids, and house boys
wearing uniform and name tags;
* 24-hours security;
* Free use of mountain bikes (please reserve in advance);
* Free use of an air-conditioned car with a reliable driver for;
up to 10 consecutive hours per day during your whole stay;
* Chilled bottle of sparkling wine on arrival;
* Welcome pack containing a Bali guidebook with maps,
up-to-date practical information on Bali, an audio CD and
a CD Rom with a complete Balinese cooking course (intro-
duction plus 7 lessons) as well as over 60 recipies to take
home as a souvenir.

I want a Villa in Bali!

I want a Villa in Bali!

I want a Villa in Bali! *jumping up and down like monkey*

I felt as if Im there already…breathing in the crisp fresh air with the sea breeze blowing in my face. It’s such a turn on and definitely something to spur my enthusiasm to go work! Targets. Goals. Dreams. Without them, you cant survive and spur greater heights!

How, dear? Did you feel the motivation too? Oh yeah.

I reckon Bali Villas must look almost 5times more opulent and tranquil than Bintan, which I’ve grown to love. And most probably Greek will look another 5times more so than Bali. But of course, that will be a higher goal already. Surprisingly, one night stay in these Bali Villas is not expensive as I thought. I thought it will be like few thousands per night for that grand splendor in a villa! But still, the price will be a pinch in my stomach. When will I reach the stage whereby all this will only be a pinch of salt to me?

All compliments from

And I also cruised by this, which I can only marvel. I think it suits Li just fine!

Okinawa Weddings

Aqualuce Chapel
Have the beautiful sky and ocean of Okinawa all to yourself for your dream wedding.

Aqualuce Chapel

Aqualuce was designed based on the theme, “water and light”. It is a uniquely beautiful chapel with a lot of open space both inside and outside. The 10-meter high glassed-wall makes the altar look as if it stands on the emerald green ocean. Walking on the aisle towards the ocean with solemn background pipe organ music surely creates emotional scenes. Evening wedding with candle lights is fantastic and even more romantic.

Click the link for more pictures and also a movie.

But I feel Aquagrace Chapel is even more angelic…

Aquagrace Chapel

Overview:The beautiful ocean view behind the altar creates a romantic and sacred atmosphere for your wedding. For an after-wedding celebration, choose one of the banquet rooms also with the full view of Okinawa’s blue ocean. Enjoy wedding meals specially cooked with local food. The chapel is built barrier-free and equipped with a powder room specially for brides.

Coralvita Chapel

Coralvita Chapel

Why I said it’s more applicable to Li is because her husband-to-be will be flying to Japan beginning next year and she will joining him there in around March. Hence they’re rushing for a simple ROM to be done up right now and do their customary with a banquet next year. The young couple wished to keep it simple but the folks dont really agree. Of course, given the fact that the groom is the only son and Li is the eldest daughter of a reputable family. And also, Li is a Christian and it’s appropriate for her to have a church wedding! I like the tranquility and pureness of a church wedding but unable to have it not even in Singapore because that is like so weird lah. Machiam I betray my god. Oh nono…I cant and will never do that, especially since my god dotes on me when they made it so shun li for me on my ROM day right till now! And I just realised my ROM date is godfather’s Birthday. Yeah! Before that I was raving how S.U.A.Y I am right…even my camera cant work right and goes sOt whenever it pleases. After the prayers on last sat, everything is so far going smoothly. I feel more normal lor…you cant imagine how much I feel like dying before that..Go eat also will diarrhoea and puke leh…

Okie I gotta sleep liao. =D Night Night.


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  1. Ser says:

    Ya, the villas in Bali really look enchanting. Saw it before online in some people’s blog when they went there to stay.. Hope next time I can have the chance to go there for a holiday & getaway too!

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