Movies & Things I love

Movie Title: Blindness
Ratings: 4.2/5
Comments: Sort of dragged in the middle but overall is a nice show. Warning: It’s a very “heavy” show, as in the plot is heavy. It really depicts the harsh survival of humans. The story goes like that: a Jap guy suddenly got blind and his blindness is easily contagious to everyone who looked at his eyes. Hence the doctors, the nurses, everyone who has gotten into contact with him literally went blind after few days. The doctor was the male lead who also got blind and got quarantined into a deserted quarters where nobody is there to take care of the group of blind people who eventually got bigger. Only his wife was not infected and she lied that she’s infected so that she can take care of him in the quarters. Noble right? You will know how noble she is if you watch the show. And guess what? The husband can go have sex with another blind female with the wife looking on.

If it’s me hor, seriously I dont even know what will I do. What a bastard.

Movie Title: Quantum of Solace
Ratings: 4.4/5
Comments: 007 movies always have a minimum standard, just like Jackie Chan’s movies. The shooting of the cars/planes/speedboats were simply thumbs up. Damn thrilling. Plot is rather boring and it makes me alittle confused. But for this only James Bond movie, very little intimate scenes and romantic scenes between the leads, which is quite surprising. I used to feel Daniel Craig is not very handsome as compared with Pierce Brosnan..but the way he fights and shoots those dangerous scenes is really an eye-opener. Suddenly feel Pierce is merely a paper tiger. Lol. Daniel Craig 真是越看越有味道了! Hahaha.

Things I love!

Yesterday I made a great purchase! I found 2 really pretty cheongsums selling at only $30 per piece. One piece red and one piece pink. The red one is really gorgeous and have golden embroidery of dragons/phoenixes. It’s really too good to be true as cheongsums usually costs a 3 figure. A decent looking one will need $200 and above. Custom-made ones need $300 and long ones need around $400. Kel’s wore a mustard yellow cheongsum to bade her guests goodbye on her customary wedding night too and that costs a $300. Ser and I saw 1 nice shop at fareast selling real gorgeous cheongsums but of course their pricing also very “gorgeous”. Im merely taking a look slowly as Im considering buying cheongsums for the tea ceremony etc. Anyway no hurry for me since it’s next year. But this deal of $30 per piece is simply..irresistible! Slight alterations are needed for the waist and bum but I reckon how expensive the alterations also wont be more than $50 bah. Shall wait till next year then alter. So, Im very happy! =) Dearie said Im slowly developing the fetish for cheongsums already. =P I do have a unexplainable love with oriental stuff. Just look at the design of my ROM gown. Oriental right? Heez

I used to think since customary is next year, can slowly view. But I realised 1 thing, if you really see good stuff, dont wait already, just buy! Because before you knew it, some people would have grabbed it. And do consider inflation too! Just look the soaring prices of banquet, hotels and properties and you’ll know! How I know the price difference from those banquets? Forums loh. To think 1 year ago, prices can differ as much as $100 per table! That is like “WOAH”!

Overall, so far Im quite pleased with all my wedding preps lah. As in, I dont think I spent alot. Or rather even if it’s quite an amount, I do feel they’re very value for money. Like, although my ROM is not considered very cheap in comparison if I do it at Raffles town clubs, country clubs, or restaurants, but overall, I think it’s a good deal, with the nice hotel room, good service, late check-out, nice buffet food, ease of changing into gowns and makeup, and the flair of which the whole event was carried out. Good.

Also, for my bridal studio, our package is $3388 with 2 MTM gowns, plus all the nitty gritty stuff la. Most of the stuff were included like car rental, ROM package, 6 gowns to change with accompanied makeup and hairdo, 32 pages of album, dress for mummy and the other standard stuffs. We merely top up a $300 for a better quality of album, whereby the pictures are not being “pasted” but instead, “printed”. Because the lousier quality album, pictures might crack in time to come. For a package of 2 MTM gowns, market rate would be $4K-$5K, depending on the popularity of your designer or boutique. Therefore I would feel that I got a good deal, especially when Capio is a competent designer. Bliss bridal also offered MTM gowns at this pricing too but somehow I dont believe in their competency because they seemed too desperate for sales and too eager to agree. And the quality of their albums is really not up to standard, from what I’ve seen there.

Actually, surfing online, most designs of gowns are pretty standard. If you want something extraordinary, you will need to come up with the design yourself or choose your own unique fabric like how I did. Hence, it will be one-of-a-kind. The normal cuts like empire waist etc, sweet heart neckline etc, ball-gown or A-line etc, the usual colours; pure white, off white, cream and the usual bridal fabrics; duchess satin, satin, silk satin, organza, tulle etc, decor like beading or crystals are all very standard. You can always decide yourself and tell the designer how you want it to be. You dont need a top-notch designer to tailor a great gown. Most preferably, choose the cuttings which flatters your figure and height. However, embroidery and laces are more tacky and counts on quality so it’s better to go to reputable studios if you really like embroidery and french laces because not all studios carry nice laces.

Just my 2cents. =)

Of course with the photography, videography and the topping of photos, the package wont stop at only $3688. Must add $1200 for whole day videography and express highlights of video, $400 for whole day photography…topping up of transport for makeup artists, ampoules and fake eyelashes service charge($10. $15 if you use her lashes)…the whole thing will probably come up to around $6K. ZzZz…I asked Kel, her’s around 7K. But her package is also quite comprehensive, from Sophia Collections. Good service with nice gowns off-the-rack too.

Now Im thinking about the design of my wedding gown… interesting. Heh~

OMG, just read WY’s entry about my ROM, I laughed till stomachache about their exciting journey prior to reach my ROM venue at Furama!

And I commented, “Lol!! Damn hilarious lor!! Im SO TOUCHED that you two braved storms and rain to get to my place. Muahaha Thanks dear! But you’re werent late lah. =) Omg, li’s dress is $400 siah. Dont quite look like it though. Your dress nicer. Anyway, soon we must go and get her ROM gift already. Haha. Precious Moment again? =D ”

And oh yes, I have another darling sister tying the knots too. She is Li!! Looking forward already!!

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