Aiyaya. I realised some pictures we took with Mik, Eil, KT and his wife were missing! Because I had no time to take with my camera when the solemniser arrived. But Calvin took our pictures. So have to wait for him then. I also forgotten to mention, ya, many guests were raving how identical me and mummy looked. Some said Mummy looks young and pretty, more like my elder sister than my mother. =P Then Viy commented if wanna know how I aged to an auntie, just look at my mother will do. =P Most probably she’s right. But but…I really dont feel we look alike leh, neither does she feel so. We were always puzzled by such comments. *shrugged* Of course my mum is young, she bore me when she’s 20, so just imagine!

ALL my darling girls also looked gorgeous that day, just look at the pictures! Though Im sorry Im not very pro at taking pictures. Some were being teased by my playful colleagues. Hope WY and Li dont mind ah, they dont meant any harm, just cheeky. =) Oh ya How can I forget the sexy Ser who was dressed in 1 translucent piece of dress which hugged her hourglass figure like a second skin! When she appeared in my room to find me, my eyes literally turned as large as saucers. Why, I can @@ very clearly what she wore underneath! Wagagaga. Even her fannies were *ahem* like well exposed that even the tiko me is too shy to stare! No wonder my cheeky colleagues were drooling over her!! Lol.

Im thinking of ideas for my hen’s night and my wedding night for any entertainment, or any theme etc….Please do contribute ideas generously. I really do wish my dear Ser can be my jiemei for my day, but she clearly said she dont like wedding stuff and if she didnt even help her sis’ wedding, I doubt she will be my jiemei too. =( She said it’s not she dont want, but more of the fear that she’s unable to carry the role well because she gets fatigued easily, cum her gastric problems. I do understand, I wont want my sisters to suffer anything uncomfortable on the expense of my happinesses. But I do want to assure everyone that because dearie stays very near to me, a mere 15-20minutes ride, the morning gatecrashing plus “serving tea” wont take very long too because my side practically have no relatives. Only 1 Ah Mah. Dearie side’s relatives also very few. His XiongDi’s are also very quiet, shy and reserved type, so the gate-crashing will be quite fast also I think. Lol. Because I think they dont give much defence. =P So we estimated the whole ordeal wont take more than 3hours de. At the very most also 4hours bah. I will need to get up earlier to pray to the gods and makeup etc but my sisters dont need to arrive so early mah. And I will probably ask Mummy to prepare breakfast for all. =) Therefore Ser, please do consider okie? =D But if you really dont want, I also wont take it to heart. =D

I also have a bit of headache who to call as Jiemei’s…although you might feel Im worrying too early. Lol. Kiasu mahz…I have few very best friends from different cliques, then abit worried that they might be some sort of shyness..etc. Though I feel all my girls are very sweet and easy to get along one! Perhaps 1 or 2 might open up slower bah. =) Huey calls for volunteers for jiemei for her wedding too. I do love to contribute but for the same reason, Im afraid I cant click with her friends. And err…most of her friends I roughly know and also talked before too…Kinda..dont click lah. Perhaps because Im not UNI grad? I dont know, just feel out of place with them. I feel like a rebel or a devil among them lah. =P But girl, if you need any help, please feel free to tell me. Really. No need paiseh AT ALL.

My ROM date was chosen by Godfather, it is really a good date. Thanks Godfather. I chose another date for my actual day wedding at mindcity. It’s actually quite useful, though the chim fengshui phrases really makes me frown sometimes.

Can press Ctrl and + if you wanna enlarge the font size. =) Ctrl and – to reduce.

My date
西元2009 民國98年**月**日
農曆*月(小)**日 星期五 天秤座
歲次 : 己丑年 生肖屬牛 甲戍月 甲午日
每日胎神占方 : 占門碓房內北
五行 : 沙石金 成執位
沖 : 沖鼠(戊子)煞北
彭祖百忌 : 甲不開倉財物耗散 午不苫蓋屋主更張
吉神宜趨 : 三合 天喜 天醫 天巫 要安 鳴犬
宜 : 祭祀 塑繪 開光 祈福 齋醮 出行 訂盟 納采 裁衣 嫁娶 拆卸 修造 安床 入宅 安香 入殮 啟鑽 安葬 謝土 赴任 會親友 進人口 出行 移徙 上樑 經絡 開市 交易 立券 納財
凶神宜忌 : 天刑
忌 : 開倉 冠笄 伐木 作樑

Joy advised me that I need to choose a specific good timing in the morning too, for the prayers etc.
Here goes.

23- 1甲子時 沖馬 煞南 時沖戊午 日破
[忌] 日時相沖 諸事不宜
1- 3乙丑時 沖羊 煞東 時沖己未 天德 貴人 寶光 武曲
[宜] 祭祀 祈福 齋醮 酬神 修造 作灶
3- 5丙寅時 沖猴 煞北 時沖庚申 天兵 三合 日祿 福星
[宜] 祈福 求嗣 訂婚 嫁娶 出行 求財 開市 交易 安床 赴任 祭祀
[忌] 上樑 蓋屋 入殮
5- 7丁卯時 沖雞 煞西 時沖辛酉 帝旺 天赦 玉堂 少微
[宜] 求嗣 嫁娶 移徙 入宅 開市 交易 修造 安葬 赴任 出行 見貴 求財 訂婚
7- 9戊辰時 沖狗 煞南 時沖壬戍 天牢 六戊 雷兵 武曲
[宜] 祭祀 齋醮 訂婚 嫁娶 安葬
[忌] 赴任 修造 移徙 出行 詞訟 祈福 求嗣 乘船
9-11己已時 沖豬 煞東 時沖癸亥 元武 狗食 大退 進祿
[宜] 訂婚 嫁娶 移徙 入宅 安葬
[忌] 赴任 出行 修造 動土 祭祀 祈福 齋醮 酬神 開光
11-13庚午時 沖鼠 煞北 時沖甲子 日刑 地兵 金星 司命
[宜] 祈福 嫁娶 造廟 作灶 入宅 安葬
[忌] 赴任 出行 修造 動土
13-15辛未時 沖牛 煞西 時沖乙丑 勾陳 羅紋 六合
[宜] 祈福 求嗣 求財 嫁娶 安葬
[忌] 赴任 出行 修造
15-17壬申時 沖虎 煞南 時沖丙寅 天賊 路空 青龍 驛馬
[宜] 訂婚 嫁娶 安床 移徙 入宅 修造 安葬 赴任 出行 見貴 求財
[忌] 祭祀 祈福 齋醮 酬神
17-19癸酉時 沖兔 煞東 時沖丁卯 路空 天官 明堂 唐符
[宜] 求財 見貴 酬神 修造 蓋屋 移徙 作灶 安床 入宅 開市
[忌] 祭祀 祈福 齋醮 開光 赴任 出行
19-21甲戍時 沖龍 煞北 時沖戊辰 天刑 三合 右弼
[宜] 祈福 求嗣 訂婚 嫁娶 出行 求財 開市 交易 安床 見貴
[忌] 赴任 詞訟
21-23乙亥時 沖蛇 煞西 時沖己已 朱雀 長生 左輔
[宜] 求嗣 嫁娶 移徙 入宅 開市 交易 修造 安葬 赴任 見貴 出行 求財
[忌] 朱雀須用 鳳凰符制 否則 諸事不宜

Know why Im so kiasu to check now, because I wanna book my makeup artist early… =P

Looking at the analysis…my dream to wake up later has been thwarted. Since 7-9am 沖狗, 5-7am will be a better slot. =~( Unless I change another date..but also need to make sure the hotel is available too. =|

Surfed past an interesting site about 相学探讨. Kinda interesting. To believe or not is up to you. =)

具有田字脸的女人 =( Pizza face, that’s Me Me Me.

Dear, see how lucky you are? Kakaka. =P

有“悬胆鼻”的男人 –> Dear dear dear


唇红齿白的女人 –> Me me me again


Okie you must have feel like puking right now. Haha.

Okie, some controversial ones.




Although my mouth big, still can close hor! =P


True lah, my lips have little lines, Im quite dao and not amiable/friendly to strangers.

I wonder it means when you smile or dont smile? When I smile is 嘴角上扬 la, when I dont smile is 嘴型端正。=P

Pouty lips. That’s me. Oh yes…too easy 心软 liao and 表达力不好,也不擅言辞。

双唇太薄的女孩:精明、口才好,伶牙俐齿,处事冷静,少了一些人情味,通常会有不够厚道之虞,如果您的女朋友嘴唇是细薄型,那吵架时,您肯定占不到便宜!–>Hmmm….Ser? Lol.



No leh, dear always say I niam him one. Lol.



Lol. Frankly speaking, I feel my cheekbones is a littleeee high lah…and Im quite bossy sometimes. Kaka. But my pointed chin got meat. =P Anyway I no subordinates lah so no worries~


WOAH!! This one must read! Must SPECIALLY avoid this kind of girls!!




第四名:三角眼–聪明心毒、看法偏颇。 (how can eyes be triangle-shaped???)




This site is also quite cute, can 测字 for free.
您测算的字为: 开源
测算文字分析: 得好友来如对月,有奇书读胜观花,琴心剑胆终不愧,卓然不群是君家。

I tried the same word at http://www.name321.com/chest/czsg.htm and got this.

Hopefully so la…OKie.


2 Responses to 相学探讨

  1. SeR says:

    Haha, I see the part U described me, almost faint. And YES! U and ur mommy have such strong resemblance, hehe. She really looks more like your elder Sis instead.

    I will consider to help out as your jiemei, dun worry. Anyway still a year away =D

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    Okie. I will urge you to considerrrr for the rest of the year. =D

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