Random pictures

Some random pics which I took long time ago when dearie bought me to Marina at Keppel Bay as a surprise. And I also experimented some colours in makeup which might go with my gown on Sunday. Not that I will makeup myself that day, but just hands itchy wanna play~ Heez

When I called Capio to change the timing to meet her to take our stuff on sat, she kind of asked me how I find Elaine. I cant comment on her skills because I haven tried hers before. All I said was, she doesnt seemed very interested nor patient to answer my queries. Questions like, what kind of ampoules will she be using, should I blow dry my hair or leave it wet for her to style etc. As my skin is very sensitive, I said I might be using my own ampoules because Im afraid of breakout. Prior to asking these questions, I asked her is she free to talk. When she said yes then I asked. But she answered all my questions shabbily and I didnt feel that we can communicate well. Capio then said recently she newly added one more makeup artist(MUA) to her team as her clients are getting too many. She is Sally, also a MUA from Bridal Concept.

When I asked Capio about the differences between the 2, she said Sally’s makeup is more modern, creative. She has alot of ideas and is the kind who will dare to try new stuff while Elaine’s is more conservative. Her makeup is more of the traditional, standard bridal makeup which couldnt go wrong, thus most customers are very satisfied with her too. Well, I really dont know whose skills is better but judging the poor connection I had with Elaine, I was glad for a change. Anyway, a younger and more modern and creative MUA couldnt be any worse I guess. She called me just now and her attitude definitely surpassesed Elaine, who sounded as if she’s couldnt wait to put down the phone. So Sally will be my MUA on Sunday. *shrugged* As I said, I no longer hold any expectations. Walk one step is one step loh.

Ya anyway I played with my own colours and came up with a look on my own. Im no professional but just a fan in matching and mixing colours to create different effects. I dont want to waste any of my precious Shu Uemura foundation nor powder, therefore Im merely tried out the colours on my face after using Beauty Credit Blemish Balm(sample given to me by Ir) and some drugstore loose powder which I haven finish. Thereafter, I experimented with the eyeshadows, blushes, lipstick, gloss, fake eyelashes everything, topped with some glitters. The camera cant catch the colours very well, but dearie was impressed and said maybe I can makeup myself that day. Haha. Really have an impulse to take up a course, get a cert and be a MUA! It’s my passion and interest. Somemore it seems it’s pretty profitable too! And to make people pretty, happy on the most important days in their lives, it’s also a very meaningful job, just like insurance. =)

Okie. No more words. Here are the pictures. =) Dont laugh at me though. 😛


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