China…..the source of all problems

Movie Title: Coffin
Ratings: 2.8/5
Comments: It’s really very short of expectations. Not scary, no suspense and I wonder why half the girls are screaming their lungs off in the cinema. The so-called scary face is the bruised and bloody face of Karen Mok’s husband-to-be when he died in a car accident. Ah got another one, the burnt and bloody face of another women. No more already. Lousy plot with lousy ending. The scenes in the thriller is about the best in the whole show.

After we taken our seats, Im vastly disappointed to realise that the young couple beside me is from China. “Perhaps they aint that bad.” I told myself. But…sigh…it proved otherwise. Firstly, a pair of girls came by and insisted the China couple had their seats. They still refused to bulge without showing their tickets, so the girls got the Cathay crew to come. ZzZ. The cathay crew bent low infront of me and insisted the China couple show her the tickets but they kept acting blur, deaf and mute. After awhile then the boy tried to stand up and started to dig his pockets. All this while, my view is blocked because the Cathay Crew is infront of me. More than 5minutes. OMG, he need to dig his pockets for how long? I gave a disgruntled hiss and finally the Cathay girl got the hint and went to wait at the aisle, together with the pair of girls standing there. Im sure many audience’s view were also blocked. Then after few minutes, the China boy went to the aisle to speak with the Cathay Girl. I dont know what they said but he came back again and began to dig his bag in a hunched position.*faint* I dont know whether he found it or not lah after a century because after being dragged for a long time, the pair of girls simply took their seats near the aisle and not insist their center seats which the China couple sit rooted.

I once witnessed 3 teens from China also anyhow took seats in the cinema not according to their tics from their conversation. Haiz…anyway that was not all.

They were chatting in their super high-key slang during the first half of the movie. And when the plot thickened, the boy stopped chatting which resulted in the girl talking like an idiot to HERSELF without the boy responding.
Everytime the scene changed, she will ask “eh where is this?”. She asked in Chinese of course. Everytime a new role entered the scene, e.g, the undertaker, she will ask “who is he?”. I felt like telling her to stop asking because the boy wont know the answer either! That’s why he kept his mouth shut lah. Otherwise she will keep ask, “Oh why like that?”, all the why why why. The show was in English with chinese subtitles. They’re just not the most desirable neighbours one wish to have.

Today I had a diarrhoea straight after I ate at Ajisen at Taka foodcourt. At first, I was merely feeling dizzy with a sudden loss of energy. Almost fainted at the taka square where there was a fair. I also felt nauseous after the diarrhoea but nothing was vomited though the feeling was unbearable. Thus spoilt my wonderful holiday eve and we went home. Annoyed lor. After we reached home, dearie also had a diarrhoea. I actually suspected I had food poisoning because that whole day I only had Ajisen. I actually had alot of the ton toro soup base…and Im just worried that it contains any Sanlu milk(colour of the soup is white…might contain some milk I think). If it makes me, okie, a vulnerable weak lady of 26 years old nearly fainted with diarrhoea and near vomit, what will happen to a mere child of 5 years old? So perhaps I will write in to ask them to check. Hmm Though I dont wish any thing to happen to Ajisen…I love their food.


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