Relaxed & Anticipative. =)

Sigh. I had to fall sick at this timing, where the ROM is just around 1 week away. Sorethroat, cough with loads of phlegm. I sounded like a Donald Duck this morning when I called Ir. She chua tio. Lol. Im better now already though I still have very husky and sexy voice. Lol. 4 days of medication and avoidance of cold drinks/food and spicy food. I also cut down on fried food, not so much of worry breaking out but more of worry being unable to get well in time for the ROM. No cold drinks/food means no icecream, chilled mango juice and ice blended. No spicy food means no tom yum soup and chili. No fried food means………OMG….it’s almost equivalent to killing me! =(

Aiya I feel I gained back my weight again liao lah. Blearh. Towards the date, Im getting more and more complacent. Did I mention before my weight fluctuates very fast and dramatically? I better dont go out lah because I tend to eat alot when I go out. Instead, my house usually have nothing to eat. Except maggie mee. Though Mummy cooks dinner on most days. Im abitttt worried that I miss some stuff out for the preparations leh. But too bad too few frens or brides read my blog, therefore few comments. I can certainly use some help when Im so absent-minded. =P

I went for the 3rd fitting yesterday(fri) and yup the bottom fitted nicely already. But I requested the slit to be cut higher. Not to show my fat, meaty thigh lah, but to show more of the fabric I love. Dearie’s sleeve is still too short, need to alter again. He hor, really is long legs long hands. Like monkey. Wahaha. I tell you his long limbs is responsible for many bruises on me lor. Everytime when we sleep hor, whenever he draws up his leg against his chest, his knee will punch me in the stomach. Everytime he lifts his elbow to change to the hands-cupped-under-head position, his elbow(again) will punch me in the face. Because of our height difference(he very tall, I very short lah), everytime when he turns around with his hands on his waist, I got to siam. Otherwise his elbow will punch my face, when he’s in shoes and me without. IF IM WEARING HEELS LEH, then his elbows will punch my breasts lor(I wear very high heels lah). THEN HOR, I haven finish. EVERYTIME when he do a complete U-TURN in the car hor, his elbow also will punch me in the passenger seat lor! SOMEMORE HOR, he’s not very meaty especially at elbow or kneecaps parts, because it’s all bones mah, THEN HOR, VERY PAIN LEH! So, everytime when I saw a U-TURN coming, I will stick myself as close to the windows as possible, shrinking my arms away from him. When sleeping, got to put bolster in the middle. But once in a while still will kanna punch by him in the face lor.

Until 1 day I really damn annoyed. I said, “Actually you buay tahan me very long already right? Then act asleep to punch me in the dreams so that you no need to bear responsibility right?”

“HAHAHAHA. Ya how you know?”



I just viewed the accessories available at the bridal studio. The necklaces, earrings land hair accessories look so old and ugly. Makes me so sian. I have nice and matching hair accessories and earrings so dont need to worry about that but I still lack a matching necklace. Mummy said I got a set of dowry jewellery but they dont really match my gown. So I’ll probably wear them during Guo Da Li when I serve tea. Been snooping around for necklaces but they’re usually quite costly. I dont want to spend so much on them since most probably I seldom wear them. Anyway, see how…last few days to shop.

And hor, I have a question leh. Are many people under the impression that Im very rich huh? Seriously Im not leh. So can stop asking/letting me to pay and not returning me back? =( Usually for single amount less than $40 or $50(also depending on how close with the person..), I wont ask for return if people dont offer to return…..But hor…accumulatively…$10…$15….$20…$30…..also alot leh… =( There are some times when I open bottle(hard liquor) and offered to treat because of joyous occassion, e.g, my birthday or getting the tab once in a blue moon among my good frens…but hor…that doesnt mean I very rich leh………and….that also doesnt mean eveytime I MUST pick up the tab leh……haiyo……My family not print notes one leh…..Please spare me……Im a poor bride. =(


Today(sat), mummy, dearie and me went Vivocity to buy phone. Because mummy got a $200 handphone voucher and she felt it’s a waste if we dont use it. Since I already bought my new Nokia phone(dammit), so let dearie buy a new phone instead. After browsing so many models, he still decided to stick back with his old motorola V series phone. His existing model is a dark blue V8, and the one he bought is rose gold V9, a 3.5G phone. It actually costs only a $148 with contract and the excess of the voucher will be forfeited. Kinda wasted eh~ Anyway the helpful CS officer told us that our internet service’s contract is already up and offered us a $15 discount if we renewed the contract for 1year. Either that, he can offer SVC(free 3 basic groups) at some discounted price OR free wireless surf.


The free wireless surf actually comes in a thumbdrive form(the white “thingy” in the picture) operated by SIM card, where you can plug in to your lappy so that you can surf everywhere. It’s actually chargeable for $21+ or $30+ monthly based on the number of Mbps(1 to 7), that is, the speed of the connection. But with the renewal of contract as a promotion, the whole thing comes free, except the Mbps is only 1 instead of the usual 2(faster but more expensive and $21+ payable monthly). Since dearie only wants it for casual checking of emails and surfing, we took up the promo. Though need to pay $37+ for the SIM card to activate the wireless surf, which is applicable for every registration.

The CS officer also said, with the internet renewal contract promo comes the free porting of residential number as well as free service for 2 whole years, up till Oct 2010. (=.=) So many stuff right? Listen till I blur. Alright, we know Singtel is increasing their residential rates from next year right? So this is like a good deal. Instead of paying the existing Singtel line bill plus more after the price hike, now we terminate Singtel and use Starhub instead, where they let us use for free till Oct 2010. Got the free modem also. Time to change the old one at home. The new one comes with the phone line plug in, to be used together. Therefore you need cordless phones.



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