I just need to RANT~~~~~

Alright. I have sent out invitation sms to my dearest friends and colleagues to attend my ROM solemnization on 2nd Nov 2008(sunday). As well as sending another round of apology sms to my group of good friends in my circle whom I cant invite. Number of pax has already exceeded by 20 due to unforeseen circumstances. Im very sorry that due to budget and venue capacity, I cant invite all whom I wish to invite. =( It’s so tacky! I hope you all understand. Office politics eh~ =| I actually got some explanations for it but cant write it here. Ask me then if it really bothers you. But dont think got so serious lah. Heez.

Jy needed to stay indoor for 1 month because she had just given birth to her lovely baby boy around 1 week ago, therefore she cant attend my ROM much to my disappointment. Is it fate? I was unable to attend hers because I had company event in Japan and she is unable to attend mine because she need to 做月子(is it this word? Lol). Nevertheless, all my other besties will be attending.

Erm I was wondering does hen’s night come before the ROM or before the customary? For Kel, she actually had it before her customary and after her ROM. Though in my impression, it’s the ROM which declare your marital status. But anyway Im too busy to have any hen’s or turtle’s night whatsoever now lah, so next year then say.

Earlier on I said the manager Zoey left the hotel which I have booked for my ROM solemnization event and my case has been assigned to the Director(my arse) of Catering & Events, Albert. A plump man with plump cheeks topped with a pair of spectacles which made him look all the more hypocritical.

Things are really bad. It turned out to be an even worse meeting with him than what I’ve expected. In the beginning I was all smiles and cordial and everything, hoping that everything can turn out as planned, hoping he can be as flexible and nice as Zoey. No. He’s not at all like Zoey. As the meeting progressed, god knows how hard I was trying to maintain a cordial expression that my face literally had a spasm. They says it takes 40-43 muscles to frown and only 15-17 to smile. I really wish to know how many muscles it takes to force a smile when actually you meant to SNARL. I think it takes a 100 muscles.

After a good 10minutes, I then roughly got the idea how he’s like because he too, was trying to smile and ACT CORDIAL and NICE in the beginning just like me when he ISN’T. He is all straight, direct and inflexible, profit and loss, and all “by the contract”. Almost every request made in reference to previous verbal promise from Zoey were being answered with a “no” or “not possible”.

Zoey actually promised me an earlier check in at around 10am to prepare for dressing up before the event starts at 12.30pm. But Albert said the STANDARD check in time is 12pm and it’s not possible any time before that.

I said “huh…makeup alone takes at least 1 hour…plus hair-do..and changing…even If I change very fast also at least need 1.5hours. I wont have enough time to get ready by 12.30pm if I can check in at 12pm. I already told Zoey that and she said earlier check in of 2 hours is not a problem”.

“Subjected to availability,” He said with an annoying fake smile. “And now we’re running real high on occupancy and it’s quite impossible to turn over the room to you at 10am unless we dont sell the room for the previous night. This undoubtedly will cost a loss in revenue for the hotel. Why, today I have to turn away 12 of my guests to our neighbour hotels because we’re full!”

“Really? 100% occupancy?” I looked around at the EMPTY lounge where not even a FLY or waiter is in sight.

“Yes!” He nodded so convincingly.

“Ok But I NEED the room at 10am else I wont have enough time to get ready. Im really non-negotiable on this, I really have no choice. Is there other way?”

“Or you can stay in the night before for the free stay instead of on the actual day, but again subject to room availability.”

“So you mean we can check in on Sat for the free night stay and then check out at 12.30pm for the ROM on Sun?” *Dearie added that it’s good so that we dont need to rush in the early morning and have a good rest too.*

“You can check in on Sat at 12pm, stay for the night but you still have to check out at 12pm the standard time the next day(ROM day).”

*Incredulous* “Do you mean you will throw me out of the room at 12pm with full makeup, full hairdo in a solemnization GOWN and WAIT in the lounge for half an hour for the guests to arrive(assuming that they’re so punctual)? I’ll look like a FOOL!” (“a fool with melting make-up, I added silently)

“You can still check out at 12.30pm, but still subjected to room availability.”

“Then can you go confirm NOW?? As in whether the room is available??” I blurted out of exasperation.

“Okie please give me a moment, I go check.”

I sweared if he mention “subject to availability” to me ONEEEE MORE TIME…I…I…*breathed deeply*

Few minutes later he came back and changed his statement again.

“I think it’s better that you checked in earlier at 10am on the actual day and have the free night stay the very day itself…I have already confirmed it can be done. Here I am committing to you something out of the contract that you can check in at 10am on the actual day, followed by the free night stay that very night.” *BIG UGLY SMILE*

Oh yeah it’s such a big favour you gave me on your part.

Of course I do understand that he might not have a empty room to let me check in early but I also have no choice but to force him. He cant expect me to makeup at home then go there right? By then melt already loh. Cant possibly expect me to makeup in the hotel toilet also right, moron.

It’s not that we cant really take a “no” but you know how that goes. You have to be tactful, within reason and with style.

ME: Can we have more complimentary parking coupons for our guests, like 20, since our number of pax has increased from the original agreed upon number?

ASSHOLE: As stated in the pre-signed contract(every answer comes like this), complimentary coupons are being given to 25% of the total number of pax. So 50pax would be *takes out handphone to punch calculator*, 12. *forced a ugly smile*

ME: Ya I know in the contract it states 25%. But Zoey actually already gave us 10 coupons when we initially confirmed 30pax. And now since our pax has increased significantly by 20(around 66%), can you give more instead, like perhaps 18?

ASSHOLE: Because you see, every little extra perks which I approve to you, I have to be answerable to the relevant departments. For the free room stay, I have to be answerable to the Room & accommodation department, for the buffet food change of 2 salads(instead of 4) to 1 hot dish(originally only 5), I have to be answerable to the Food & Beverage department. All these are COSTS which will reduce the profit margin. *My face literally turned black. Where got people talk about profit margin during discussion one??!!*

*He lifted up the contract* and continued saying,
“Seriously I dont know why Zoey offered a free room stay. You must know that you actually got a very good deal because the profit margin for this event is almost negligible. Therefore the free upgrade to Executive room she promised you is quite out of the question because a room is not included in the package in the very first place. Now that she has left, all I can do it is to honour the contract and commit to you every thing she promised in the contract itself though I will still try my best to accommodate your other requests within my means and make it a happy day for you.” *forced another even uglier smile*

ME: The market is very competitive now and it’s not out of the norm that hotels offer a free night’s stay(he aruged that his prices are the lowest in town and most value for money, which I beg to differ with reasons best unsaid). And to be very very frank, Zoey’s departure has little to concern me(I actually meant “it’s none of my fucking business) and please dont sound as if you’re doing me a very big favour when you are just honoring what your staff has promised. We love your executive room and that’s why we commit the deposit on first meeting when she said she’s very sure that she can get us the room. Although it’s not stated in contract, we’re placing faith of good will on your hotel as well as Zoey. And Im not trying to make things difficult for you as in demanding for stuff which are well beyond your reach now. What Im requesting is merely more coupons for my guests as around 20 of them will be driving. Since it’s a Sun, most probably they will be driving their own cars instead of riding another friend’s car, you see. So perhaps can we have 18..or maybe even 15? (from 20 bargain to 15)

ASSHOLE: *head hung low low* Okie then…*with a resigned fate kinda face*

I almost want to slap him when he sounded as if Im squeezing him dry for all the perks and he dont have any profit left. Hello. A lot of factors have to be put into consideration to determine whether it’s a good deal or not. It might be a good deal to him but not to me because I take into account of every little thing. They definitely got enough profit margin for they’re charing hotel prices. Have you ever heard of hotels making a loss on this kind of packages deal or any other stuff like room rates, ala carte food prices or lounge drink prices? A glass of coke can costs $10 already. Dont tell me that shit that you will have no profit.

The free upgrade to a more superior room was the catalyst for us to commit without checking other hotels and it’s not as if I cant afford more for better choices or as if I cant find a better deal else where(given the benefit of the doubt). What I’ve lost is also the opportunity cost. Not to mention the lost of faith, lost of trust PLUS the burden of all this unconfirmed shit about “subject to availability”. There’s no way a hotelier can make a deal like that on a ROM package nor wedding because it’s a once in a lifetime thing. There are no amends you can make in the world for any fucked ups that day or night.

I was complaining to a friend of mine about this misfortune and he asked if I behaved like a bitch because sometimes you have to be a BITCH to make them give what you want. I assured him completely I can be the perfect BITCH and I really did fought hard already. My face turned charcoal many times and it’s very obvious his tone always softens a wee bit whenever my face changed colour. I’ve learnt a lesson that all freebies and important terms must be stated in black and white. I can only blame myself to take Zoey’s verbal promise for granted because some of the little but important terms were not stated in the contract due to the same old reasons hoteliers always give, “I cant put this in contract or my boss will come after me bla bla”. It’s always “subject to availability”.

That is total rubbish. Did anyone really got what he/she wants, e.g, a free upgrade of room, whenever they got this reply when booking? I dont think so. I’ve only heard a guaranteed upgrade of room with $50. That’s the closest I’ve heard.

“Subject to Availability” merely means “YOU WAIT LONG LONG!”

I actually haven have a wink because my throat bothered me whole night long. I hate the “dusty” or “rusty” feeling in the throat and it makes even the swallowing of saliva painful. I have alot of wind in the stomach. I was burping air and then swallowing saliva and then burping and swallowing WHOLE NIGHT LONG coupled with a slight nausea and cough. Argghh!!! Hope I get well soon, many things to do!

Now that the drowsiness of the cough medicine has sink in, Ciaoz~


2 Responses to I just need to RANT~~~~~

  1. The bitchest slut says:

    what a bitch ~ ahahah ……

    but don’t go too far .. later my food got Phui ~ Phui ~ Phui~

    + your bed … got those sticky stuff …. eeeks

    Happy Bitching ~

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    (=.=)”” ZzZzzZz Dont know what you talking.

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