Turtle Me :)

Stoopid dear used my laptop and wrote the title for this post. (=_=)”’ Noti boy.

Im in a good mood so I’ll upload some pictures and share some good stuff!

Recently I realised my complexion has improved quite significantly and it’s not because of facials or any reconstructive minor surgeries. Suspecting that it’s all my own illusion, I asked dearie to clarify my doubts and he too, confirmed that my complexion has indeed improved. As in, it’s fairer, smoother. For me, I felt it’s better hydrated, smoother, fairer and clearer.

The Reason?

su hyang

The Su Hyang Snow series from THE FACE SHOP. Namely the Recharging Mask, Intensifying Essence and Beginning Serum. For my own safety from the wrath of dearie, I shall omit stating the price of these items. Please kindly check it out yourself. =)

I was actually looking for hydration products but the sales assistant recommended this over their Hyaluronic Acid(for hydration) because the Su Hyang Snow series has many more healing properties like protection and brightening other than hydration because of their expensive ingredients like dont-know-what-mushroom and dont-know-what-birchwood?? Ah anyway, she said alot of stuff lah, regarding the series using the latest nano technology as well as clearing my skincare doubts. If you google about nano-technology, it really states all the wonderful, impressive range of things they do to the skin. Wendy from Causeway Point Branch, not pushy, patient and helpful. She’s definitely not from China too, dont worry. Heez. She placed huge emphasis on the Beginning Serum when I wasnt really willing to buy in the first place BECAUSE the main purpose of the Beginning Serum is to regain the skin’s normal pH level so that subsequent skincare products can be fully absorbed and thus effective. (=.=)”’ Anyway, this series is mineral oil free but not alcohol free. But since it works well for me with a fragrance, dont have a heavy alcohol smell, I guess it’s alcohol content is also not very high. So no fret. Although I have quite sensitive skin, it did not cause me any breakouts, so I guess for most of you should be quite okie. =) The Recharging Mask is quite so-so to me though…perhaps need a longer time to see the effect.

Another wonderful product I’ve came across lately is this;



A japanese brand of sea-salt scrub available at SASA.

They each has different healing properties, and they’re either $9.80 or $10.80 for such a gigantic tube. Really is cheap till LS. Definitely worth a try. They’re so fine until it’s like ice-blended and terribly gentle on the skin. It really makes the skin smooth. Since it’s so fine and gentle, I tried using it on my nose to follow with porepack thereafter. But even on the face, it still works great. I ended up using it for the whole face and it makes the face very smooth too! Hmm But does sea-salt dehydrate the skin? Im also not sure, but perhaps use weekly will do.


Ajisen Dinner~


Ajisen’s Ton Toro Ramen NEVER fails to satisfy me. Look at the generous amount of ton toro meat. Ooohhh…makes me so hungry now.




Dearie’s Crayfish Ramen. Yummy too! The taste resembles that of chili crab, though not very spicy.




Besides from the tempura prawn and the baby octopus, the White Fish is also simply to die for. But be sure to eat it while it’s hot with mayo. =D~~~~

My fave restaurants would be Thai Express, The Asian Kitchen, The Mayim Restaurant at Westmall, The Jap Ramen Restaurant at FarEast B1, Ajisen and Ajitei(no order of preference). Their food have a minimum standard and more than 80% of their food are nice. Unlike some restaurants which only have 1 or 2 nice dishes. San1 Zhong1 Liang3 Jian4 is also not bad but like Mayim, their prices are quite steep if you look at the portion. Crystal Jade and the Pasta Cafe(at Wisma) is also not bad lah.


Some pics I took of Iv and Ce when we were playing pool at Pool Fusion(bugis) on friday. Very kinky pic. HAHA.



Did not go out much these days. Quite busy and tired. Played MJ with Iv, Ce and her husband and lost a $30 on thurs. Yesterday(sat) meet PS for a drink at Plush(BQ). T came to join after being put aeroplane by Iv. PS left around 12+midnite to go clubbing while T and I continued till 2.45am when we left.

I did say Im going to shun fried food 2 weeks before Nov right? Shucks! I think I cant even shun fried food for 1 day, much less 2 weeks! How the hell you ask me to reject when delicious, sizzling, fried chicken wing is being offered infront of my eyes??!!

Movie Title: Burn after reading
Rating: 3/5
Comments: Im amazed that the director can actually make it into a bearable show with it’s totally CMI plot. Of course we have to thank the superb actors and actresses too, they really did try their best.


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