Rom Preparation

Geez. I chose a pretty new theme. But hor, I still dont quite know how to fully use the widgets to complement the theme. CSS feeds all these are foreign to me and somehow their HTML dont work the way like blogspot. The stupid “blogroll” on the right column is for show only. When I tried to edit that widget to include my friends’ sites, it said “this option cannot be edited”. Can only remove it or leave it the way it is. Duhz. Bo bian.

I’ve found a flaw in my hp, Nokia N81. It’s so weird. When my friends sms me, sometimes it only shows their number with a +65 infront and it doesnt show their names. Therefore I have to edit their numbers with a +65 infront so that their name can be displayed next time. But after I edited some, the names still dont appear leh. On the other hand, some of the numbers dont have the +65 infront in the contacts, but yet their names will be displayed. WHY HUH? It’s a hard chore for me to dig out whoever is the messenger. I cant possibly memorise all my friends’ numbers. And calling back doesnt prompt their names too. I can do nothing except to search 1 by 1 myself or calling back stupidly to ask who are you. And you know lah, friends tend to misunderstand you have deleted their contacts. But I did not! *edited: Ahhh…I’ve found a way…that is to search inside my outlook contacts…but so troublesome lor. *

Some sites can be so annoying. When I was searching for “free mp3 downloads”, there was one site which came up to claim they are free but yet after few clicks, they directed me to input my credit card number. And while I was searching for some time tickers, there was 1 site who has the audacity to charge US$25 per year for the service. Hmmm…Is U.S really that desperate already?

Charge US$25 for something as simple as this? has some very nice and free time tickers(at least much nicer than the others I’ve found), not only for wedding but also for many others like birthdays, events or age of your pets. You can create one-of-a-kind for yourself too.


Ahhh… I wish I know how to add them to my signature. =(

Going for my gown fitting on thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed that my measurements have not changed. I’ve lost quite a fair bit of weight, did I mention that already? Perhaps a 3 or 4 kg bah, I really didnt measure. Thanks to Dr Kelvin’s pills to curb my appetite and fat-blocker. Capio, my designer has remarked I’ve lost an inch on all 3 stats. That is, chest, waist and hips. Waist and hips Im totally fine with the inch loss. But chest… =( Capio said must put more padding liao because the thick gown tend to hide the fact that you have any boobs. =X But Im not FLAT OKie. I still got a B OKie. =P Though it was previously a C one. =( Duhz. Along with significant weight loss, boobs tend to shrink unless you excercise. I feel I lost mostly on the circumference. Bo bian. I’ll rather be slimmer then to be plump with C cup boobs. =P Though dearie very much prefer a bah bah and chubby me with bigger boobs. Think guys all like that bah. But girls dont think the same way. =P

S advised me to go exercise instead of taking pills because that will affect fertility in the long run. But I simply dont have time and too lazy. I told her not to worry because I dont intend to take them in the long run but merely for the ROM and Wedding events only. And it’s not necessary for me to take them all the time once my weight is Ok, just maintain it will do. If really after the events and I go back to my old weight which is 45kg then so be it. I dont really care alot, but I will still try to maintain it la. If cant then bo bian lo.

So hard being a women. While I lost weight here, dearie is happily GAINING weight. He gained around 5 kg I’ve mentioned before right? Now he cant even button his 29inch Levi’s jeans. He got to leave it open and use the top to cover it. HAHAHA.

Hmm..=( I remarked that he will look better and smarter by day while I will look worse and worse when we aged together. Because he was initially skinny, he definitely look smarter after he gains weight now. As we well know, we tend to gain weight as we aged because metabolism slows down. But because he’s blessed with 1.8m of height with a skinny silhouette when young, it means he will gradually have the right weight when he’s older, like what’s happening now. While me already with the right weight albeit flabby parts and shortie height will look even ROUNDER and PLUMPER as I aged.


Die liao lor.


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