Sleeping on Clouds

Intense headache. Sigh.

I just have to rave about an amazing product that dearie and me has bought from Carrefour days ago. We were actually looking at mattress protector because Im very stingy to buy a new mattress because partly, it’s not actually spoilt, but just that after so many years, I can feel the metal poking from beneath at some points under intense pressure. Though it’s not so bad as in the metal came out, it’s just uncomfortable with extra noisy squeaky noise whenever we..ahem, move about on the bed. Secondly, I might be moving out soon. A good mattress might range from $800 to few thousand dollars. Not long ago, I had splurged $800 on a sliding door wardrobe, which I know I wont shift to my new home. It’s troublesome, and also not good for a wardrobe to be dismantled again and then reassembled. Most probably my brothers might take over my room if I shift out, so they can use my pretty new wardrobe.

But mattress protector is simply too thin to make a difference to the comfort of sleeping on a 10year old mattress. A friendly uncle, a promoter of KingKoil has came over to advise us that we can buy a MATTRESS TOPPER.

“What is a MATTRESS TOPPER??” I asked the uncle with wide eyes and an idiot look.

He said it’s like an extra cushion to “top-up” to your existing mattress for that extra comfortable, fluffy feel, without feeling the hardness of a mattress.


It’s slightly thicker than a quilt though it feels like one. Filled with synthetic fibres, the uncle said it can last many years without “flattening” like some quilt because quilt are filled with feather/down or cotton. It comes with large rubber bands at the 4 corners to secure to the mattress. In short, it works like a mattress protector too, albeit it makes the bed SO COMFORTABLE. You got to try it. After we put it on, oh my god, my bed become so soft and so fluffy to lie upon. Dearie even commented it feels like a water-bed. Instead of getting a soft mattress where it gets spoilt easily and not healthy for the backbone, you can get a good hard mattress and then “topping up” with the MATTRESS TOPPER! Sorry if I sound very bimbo and drama but you really got to try my bed, Um no, I mean you got to try the difference between one with MATTRESS TOPPER and one without it. Heaven and Earth I tell you.

Of course please dont compare a normal 800 bucks of mattress with some $3K plus (Simmons Mattress huh?) mattress lah. As mine is a queen bed, the MATTRESS TOPPER costs $183 and we paid $153 as I got a $50 Carrefour voucher. At first, I worried that it’s not a wise choice as it costs a fraction of brand new mattress but I didnt regret with dearie’s idea to go ahead.

It feels like sleeping on clouds!


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