Im quite irritated with myself. All along I can type chinese characters very conveniently using hanyupinyu by a flick of alt+shift keys. But as Windows Vista is such a act-class-but-no-use-platform which needs alot of ram to run, believe me, I have been using “Disk Cleanup” like everyday to free up to 1GB of wasted space. My hands were itchy enough to uninstall a few programs including Njstar Word Processor. Only to realise that alt+shift function to enable chinese characters input stemmed from that program and is not a additional feature of Windows Vista. 气死我了! I had to reinstall the program but somehow the alt+shift dont work anymore!! The “EN(English)” at the system tray will change to “CH(chinese)” but the hanyupinpin didnt prompt input. Sigh Sigh Sigh. Now I have to open up Njstar WP everytime I input chinese characters to copy over. Somebody help me please!

I have been crazily hooked to 法证先锋 part 2. Currently watching it at http://6.cn. Both part 1 and 2 are nice, just that; Part 1, the main leads are (I’ll skipped all the chinese names of tvb artistes now! So troublesome!) Bobby, Yoyo, Linda, Lin Wen Long while Part 2, the main leads became solely Charmaine, Kevin, Lin Wen Long. Bobby became a supporting role. =( Heh~ TVB can be so unscrupulous sometimes. Well ya I know everyone loves Charmaine. I do admire her acting skills too, at least she’s not a pure bimbo who dont know how to act. She definitely look sweet too. But TVB really went very far to make her look good and give her all the parts in the show. From part 1 to 2, they totally shred away Yoyo’s role as Xiao Rou, who was a competent darling Madam loved by her team and Bobby, by making her almost totally handicapped with 1 deaf ear and 1 broken wrist in a bomb accident. Instead of the long, silky black hair where she always tie them up in a smart ponytail or leave them around her shoulders for a romantic scene, now she was being made to cut them short, and somehow infused with chemicals to make the gorgeous hair into a frizzy mess of hay! Ah duhz!

Yoyo is a beauty(how can she snag Ekin then)! And I feel she carries off the role of a competent madam better than Charmaine who always look sweeter than honey. Most probably because Yoyo is tall I guess, 1.7m. Sophisticated. Okie, so basically she no longer have many scenes because she was handicapped and had to switch to admin work while the cool Charmaine came to lead the same team to replace Yoyo. What about Linda, starring Lin Ding Ding(Lin Wen Long’s Girlfriend) in the show? Another tall, gorgeous babe who might also threaten to steal Charmaine’s limelight? Wah, they straight away make her DIE IMMEDIATELY in an BOMB ACCIDENT in the first few episodes of Part 2. There wasnt even a last scene of her on the death bed or something. SHE JUST DIED AND DISAPPEARRED! No funeral, no last breath, no last words, no NOTHING! And she was the one of the main leads. In part 2, the only significant female standing is Charmaine. Chen Fa La got some parts which includes her to act cute all this but was still insignificant because too few scenes. I saw the forum, many people were disgusted by the arrangement.

Wanbao had some negative gossips about Charmaine, all about her being a…ahem…slut who seduces or attempts to seduce almost every man who crosses her path. Attached, not attached, married, not married, with kids or without kids. I’ve heard she tong1 sha1(meaning, kill all). Some very very negative gossips includes she nearly broke up Chilam’s & Anita’s, Michael Miu’s and Joe’s Ma’s marriages, Roger Kwok’s 7 years attachment as well as making Kevin & Niki(5years attachment) broke off. Some worse rumours include she always go whowho’s house and whowho go her house. WOW! I know she’s so sweet-looking until can dieee but I always feel to deal with men, to lure them and keep their hearts definitely need more than only good looks. Agree? Of course a pretty face with gentle gestures definitely helps alot. But there are other things as well. 手段 lah. =P I certainly hope she’s not as bad as the papers claim as I quite like her, not because of her pretty face but because of some of the good roles that she did a good job in, like 火舞黄沙,无名天使. Although, I dont quite like a statement which Wanbao supposedly quoted her in regards to whether Kevin Cheng and her has any chance of being an item, ” 郑嘉颖没有追求我。等他真的追我再说吧。哈哈!”

What does it sounds like?

Judging from my intense sensitivity, I have the following speculations.
1) Charmaine is definitely charming Kevin and is enjoying doing so by making him lose his cool
2) Due to some reason(most probably scared people hate him for being such a jerk by dumping Niki and then immediately going after Charmaine), he has not yet made any official move of wooing Charmaine.
3) Charmaine is confident of Kevin’s feelings for her and is daring him to woo her, with obvious hints that she welcomes his advances, though not at all eager.

As for whether she got any feelings for Kevin, it’s not obvious. Though it was already rumoured that Kevin already 2-timed where Charmaine purportedly declared, “Who knew that she would be that stupid and didn’t know anything!”. Wow if it’s true then she’s such a b*tch. And Kevin’s a Ba*tard!!

=.= I like Niki Chow leh, 周丽淇. She’s the younger sister of Kathy Chow(周海媚). Both so pretty. I’ve seen her receiving the award as the Best Newcomer in the TVB awards and she’s so cute and humble. Feel so sad for her, especially when she still have to face the reporters. Sigh. Charmaine and Chilam shooted some wedding pictures together by The Dream Wedding Bridal and thus have some connections. Anita Yuen was even rumoured to remark that she wish to hack Charmaine. Sigh. That’s so sad. She is so insecure.

Haiz. I better pray hard that Dearie dont meet such a devil then.

Movie Title: My best friend’s Girl
Ratings: 2/5
Comments: It’s so damn boring!! OMG!! The dialog seems to be made from nothing else except dirty yellow jokes and vulgaries. And the word “ASSHOLE” was like repeated 10,000 times in the movie. The dialog was so meaningless and empty that I guess they cant even translate it properly with chinese subtitles, thus there was none. And yes Im not afraid to admit I dont understand most of the dirty jokes where only a handful of people laughed cheekily in the whole cinema. And they’re speaking so damn fast with their slang, so I dont understand what the hell they are mumbling! It’s just too bad Im so pure and innocent, thus I cant appreciate this movie. Thank you.

I just realised Kate Hudson’s Movies SUCK, most of the times.

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