Mushy Mushy Post

Had a lovely dinner cum some short shopping with darling Ser yesterday at The Central. I ordered a cheesed baked gratin with seafood(scallops, prawns and squids) while Ser ordered some soupy spaghetti at Waraku Restaurant. I love cheese. It was yummy. We shopped a little. I bought a top and short jacket.

As T is celebrating her birthday in advance at St James tonight, I chose to so-call celebrate with her yesterday at Boat Quay via chilling because I hardly club these days. Getting old already. Expecting the same crowd, I thought will be fun, so I pulled Ser along. She’s very anti-social lah but I promised her my friends are a friendly and fun bunch, hence she gave in. When we reached BQ, I was shocked to see such a huge crowd. Mostly of people I dont know, or dont know well. They are friends of T. Hmm….different frequency, cant click, if you get what I mean. I was sorry to drag Ser there and we were both kinda bored..hence we left early at around 11+pm. Dearie came to pick us up.

Most of my fantastic, sweet, pretty friends were surprisingly single. Not that I feel being single is a sin(single life can be very fulfilling too!), but I do wish to spice things up alittle by throwing romance confetti in the air. Most of them are pretty closed up, with all that pretty package of sweetness hidden from the world. I so wish somebody can appreciates so as not to let all that go to waste. Lately, few male friends were asking me for nice single ladies to intro. They’re not desperate or just hot for some s*x, because if they are, I cant even be bothered to entertain them. Of course I sieved them through some degree of standards before I wish to introduce them to my darling gers. I cant introduce some heartbreakers to my girls isnt it? Romance or relationship is not a MUST. I believe we can still make friends and widen our social circle. I dont wish to make it like a 1-to-1 matchmake affair which many might find it uncomfortable. So usually it will a group gathering. In short, Im like a mamasan lah. I will bring the single ladies while another fren will bring some single guys.

But sometimes, I feel..dont know…In the midst of doing all these stuff, Im so afraid dearie will misunderstand it’s me who wants to meet the guys. Because practically the gatherings are either arranged by me or a papasan. Im not really a anti-social-hidden-in-the-closet person. Im outgoing but rather choosy with who I mix with. And I do admit I like fun gatherings too. Hmm..but I want to emphasize again the whole world knows Im attached. I have never hide that Im attached from my friends(significant enough). Some closer ones know Im getting married too. Just that it seemed dearie keep worries I will be open to…erm…temptations? So..actually Im not allowed to meet guys alone, not even male colleagues…unless they’re clients and business related. Gatherings are generally OK..but have to report abit…

So the point of this post, sigh, I just want to emphasize my heart is always with dearie and that I only love him. So far from the time that Im together with him, the only problem only stemmed from within us and not from external factors. Im pretty sure I can withstand temptations well because Im not the kind who falls in LOVE easily and my LOVE dont swayed easily. That’s LEO. They might appear flamboyant, flirty at times but that’s just on the surface. It takes a long long time for them to fall in love but once in love, their feelings dont change easily. They have a very strong sense of integrity and loyalty, therefore they dont commit easily as attached or marriage. Because they know if they do, they will move heaven and earth to stay commited..and it requires a great deal of effort as we well know. A promise which takes a lifetime to stay true.

Im not easily swayed by honey words or a mere handsome face like some of my friends, not that it’s a fault anyway. But you see, Im a cynic. And because Im was never beautiful, I never feel love can happen at first sight so all those..lovey dovey honey words really dont work on me! Of course they soothes my ears sometimes but it stays only at there. Hmm I know dearie always worry people will fall on me, but seriously that seldom happens lah. Most of my guy friends treats me nice is ONLY BECAUSE THEY WANT ME TO INTRODUCE MY PRETTY FRIENDS TO THEM LAH. Practical bunch. =P But Im not angry of course. I would love to see my close friends all happily pair pair together, if possible lah, subjected to matching qualities.

Sometimes I will tend to compare, Why some of my friends can go out club till daylight with a bunch of guys and girls and the bf wont even complain even with huggy/hands-on-shoulders kinda pictures, but MY BF will frown whenever he knows my group got guys. =.= He said he trust me, but he just dont trust the other guys. I seriously hope so wor. On a positive note, because he bears some sort of UNCERTAINTY or WORRY towards in to temptations, his care and concern is more and he dont take me for granted. That, I really do appreciates. Because he ownself knows temptations are everywhere so he himself also dont meet ladies alone(other than business related) just so he wont be EXPOSED to temptations. Well, Im glad he doesnt practice double standards. There are no best of both worlds. If given a choice between, X, a boyfriend who simply bo-chup who you go out with because he’s so damn sure you will NEVER EVER leave him and thus take you for granted, and Y, a boyfriend who sets some minor restrictions on you(which he follows himself) because he worries that you will leave him(out of 0.000009% chance) and thus he never takes you for granted and treats you like a princess. Oh well..then I’ll choose Y then. I’ll just throw in extra dose of re-assurance, love/concern with total honesty. I think we will work just right.

Lastly, darling I love you. Smuacks~


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