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What a pleasant week with all the good movies~

Movie Title: Painted Skin
Ratings: 4.99/5
Comments: I see no reason that anyone should miss such a great movie. Thank goodness it’s not the usual boring china movies which graces art and style etc etc for I have no eye of appreciation towards artistic movies like “The Promise” etc. There is action, great acting and plot. It really depicts how strong can one’s love be, regardless between human or demon form. I enjoyed Zhou Xun, Cheng Kun and Zhao Wei’s acting very much. I reckon Zhou Xun has a chance to snarl the Golden Horse Best Actress award. Donnie looks like shit in the movie but at least he fights charmingly. Qi Yu Wu is totally expressionless during the show. =.= Does he know what he’s acting as? =P The movie has a wonderful and meaningful ending too. It makes it so that there are no “bad guys” in the show, at least to me. All are just victims of love.

Movie Title: Mirrors
Ratings: 4.8/5
Comments: It has been such a long time that I’ve watch a spine-chilling film. =) Very very thrilling and filled with suspense. Nice plot but a lousy ending. That’s about all.

Movie Title: The House Bunny
Ratings: 4.5/5
Comments: It’s a bimbotic movie and I had review it as it’s own genre. It’s funny enough and I’ve enjoyed the movie.

Movie Title: Step Brothers
Ratings: 2/5
Comments: I have never like such genre of movies. Just accompany dearie to watch only. Though it has some sort of storyline but it really lacks force. Imagine two 40+ years old guys behaving like kids. How gross~ I’ll tell myself I’ll never watch another movie of Will ferrel(or whatever his name is). And he’s really resourceful to have found another guy who is grosser than him, to star alongside him in this stupid movie. They make a great pair.

And oh, I love my new phone!! And I totally went crazy with the loads of GORGEOUS themes at Oh And if you like the hellokitty theme on my previous post, I got it at =)

Some of the gorgeous skins which I cruised upon at I’ve downloaded most of it. =)





















Erm…yah…I think I got a little overboard with all these themes. Lol. But arent they adorable? =) Change a theme a day can definitely freshen up one’s mood.

Im crazy with 欧阳震华’s TBV HK dram serial 法证先锋. I’ve always like such detective serials, preferably with some humour and romance too. Both Part 1 and 2 are nice. Other HK stars starring are 佘诗曼, 蒙嘉慧, 林文龙, 钟嘉欣. What I also like about this series is I’ve learn a great deal of knowledge about forensic science. It’s really an eye-opener. Initially I caught this serial by chance at UUsee, a live streaming site. You can download the program, it works like PP-live. Other than watching livecast, you can always search for the episodes yourself and view episode by episode. There are other old and new movies, as well as korean, taiwanese serials and entertainment shows.

I watched halfway into 法证先锋 Part 2 when suddenly the links dont work. Alarmed at some settings might have gone wrong, I reinstalled the program again but somehow dont know why cant work. =( I switched to but after watching for a few days, it suddenly stopped in the middle of 1 episode WHERE IT’S MOST GANJIONG and prompt me to pay a premium to continue watching. *hot* Wah I hate such sites. So evil. Left me heart itchy in the middle of the night. I must either pay the premium to continue watching else have to wait few more hours to watch. BUT when I tried to watch the next day, it still cant load! The same prompt appeared and demanded me to pay! Over my dead body. =P It’s not as if their whole range is nicely loaded there. What if I’ve paid and somehow couldnt find 1 of the episodes or what if the site suddenly close down lehhhhh? I rather go buy the vcds, at least it’s more reliable than online and I got to watch them again and again. But it’s not available in Sg right now yet. Sigh.

Few weeks ago, dearie and me were having dinner at Ajitei Restaurant at Taka. By the way, it’s a very nice Jap restaurant which serves pretty nice alacarte jap food. And then, I saw 1 tall, slim, sexy lady wearing a tube and hot shorts stalking out from the restaurant. She has nice, wavy hair, willowy, great figure coupled with slim long legs. Tan and healthy-looking. What a hot babe, I thought before I shifted my glance up to her face(I bio her legs first. haha). Hmm but it’s quite a disappointment. Dont get me wrong, she’s not ugly. Neither does she has serious wrinkles or lots of pimples or bucked teeth etc. It’s just, her face looks old. It’s not that her complexion is bad. Her complexion is quite OK but just..her face looks old. You get what I mean? Auntie-face. Sigh.

I told dearie sadly that, no women can escape the horrible natural process of aging. It’s true that we can use expensive skincare, do lots of facial even injecting botox, BUT botox only relieves wrinkles and soothes away lines. Collagen can plump up and firms the face. Laser and intense-pulsed light can improve complexion. But ultimately, we will age. The face will change, will mature. Despite how good the condition one can maintain, firm boobs and asses, slim silhouette, long flowy healthy hair, firm and beautiful complexion, one look at a face which looks like an auntie, you’re still an auntie. And by dressing sexily, no matter how well-endowed you are, you are not hot, not sexy, just lao2 heow2(old-flirty?). Pardon the language but I cant think of any other more polite word to convey the same meaning. Even an auntie driving a convertible will earn frowns, not to mention an auntie wearing skimpily despite how good she might look.

Dearie then commented, “then dont heow2 la. Old already then wear more modestly loh. Wear like your age and nobody will say you.” But that’s like so sad. =(

*frownz* I started to think of my ultimatum. I do love to wear sexy sometimes because of the different styles I like to adopt when I have different moods for the day or night. Although now Im not super fat nor look older than my age but Im wondering what happens after a few more years. Now at 26, it’s very soon that I’ll touch the number 30 soon. Does that mean by then, I must start to cover up my bodies and wear aunties’ clothing? No more mini-skirts, no more tubes, no more hot shorts? *ponders* I’ve also reached a conclusion. Other than maintaining yourself well physically, you must also have a young face! A baby face! Only then, you can pull it off! Sigh. Perhaps in future, the doctors might come up with an elixir which can slow down aging process and make all look as youthful when we’re 18. Lol. Imagine a 38 year old women look like 18 year old(assumes she maintained her skin and figure real well), isnt that scary? Haha.

With our advanced technology, it’s not a rare sight to find young mothers or early aunties having long flowy rebonded hair, good complexion with light make-up and slim figure wearing spaghetti straps with jeans. How I envy G for looking the same all these years! And it’s not because I meet her quite frequently. She really has a baby face with baby skin complexion! She really look no more than 23. Standing beside her, Im often being misunderstood as the older one. =( That’s so sad. Although I look at most 1 year younger or else, exactly like my age. Met up with G just now at Lot 1. She commented I looked fairer and she also noticed I’ve lost some weight. Though it’s kinda queer I dont feel myself got fairer despite applying whitening body lotion diligently once every few days.

Many people are asking how my ROM’s preparations are coming up. hmm Nothing much…the gown is still being tailored in process. Probably be ready by 7th Oct. It’s a design came up by my designer as well as me. =P I’ve chosen the fabric myself at Arab Street…hopefully it’s nice.

Reviews about Pasta Cafe at Taka. It’s not bad.

Mushroom soup

Fried calamari. Very nice

My ham and bacon pasta. Not bad, but gets a lil’ sick after awhile.

Dearie’s seafood pesto cream and slipper lobster pasta.

Ice-cream also nice

They have very fresh and generous helpings of seafood, so at least I find the price still reasonable. Not like that stupid TCC’s seafood aglio aglio whereby only 2 small scallops with 3 prawns at $18+. =P


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