Blood Boils!

This stupid wordpress is taking so long to load! And it’s freaking wasting my precious time especially when I have a whole lot of tantrum and complaints to throw! Therefore I shall type in MS Word first, later then transfer over.



Some people must be dancing with joy. Evil people. Anyway, how did it happen?

Well, this morning, for some unexplained reason, I woke up earlier than usual, which was around 11+am. Many people must have the urge to want to bash me up right now. Even though I woke up myself without the help of alarm, Im still very lack of sleep. Sleepy and tired. Surprisingly, mummy was home and did not went to work. Upon asking then I know she’s not feeling very well and will be taking MC today. Despite how weary I was, I thought I’ll just accompany her to the central to see doctor. Dressed in t-shirt and shorts, I was surprised to see her nicely clad in a dress. After we went downstairs then she said she wont see doctor since her previous hospitalization has used up all her MC leave. She will just buy some cough syrup to drink. I told her I have quite a lot left from our common family doctor and she said that’s even better because doctor’s medicine is good.
I thought we’ll just have a simple breakfast and then go back since I planned to go office today. But mummy feel like eating at Lot 1. For awhile, I think she looked more energetic than me.

Okie so we went Lot 1 and took our brunch at some fancy N.Y restaurant which serves so-so food. I was longing to go home to nap awhile but then mummy said she wanna go library to see some recipes. Off we went to the library, she borrowed none while I borrowed 4 books. We also loitered into few shops where I bought a laptop cushion before mummy said she wanna go Popular Bookstore to see recipes too. After which, she said she wanna go NTUC go do some grocery shopping. I nearly fainted but nevertheless still accompany her go. The 4 books and a laptop cushion I bought are really quite heavy. Coupled with the 3 big bags of grocery shopping items….and the cold aircon blasting my hands and legs…Im really ready to topple. We quickly grabbed a cab. When I reached home then realized my handphone is no longer around. I suspected it slipped out from my pocket when I was squatting to view some items when shopping. When I dialed my number, my phone was off.

I remembered my phone has full batt so the phone couldn’t have died. Moreover my HTC Touch dial was a PDA phone which is not easily off. It can only be off via flight mode or reset. There’s simply no doubt that the SOTB/BOTB has picked up my phone, off it and decided to usurp it.

Although it’s a super lousy phone which I felt like slamming it into the floor sometimes.

Although I’ve intended to change my phone already.

That doesn’t mean Im happy that some greedy and selfish being was happily looking for buyers for my 3month old phone which I bought at $350+.

My last phonecall was to dearie complaining that I always cant hear a thing whenever I dialed people’s handphone number. Dearie was saying he can buy me a new phone which I say no need lah. Though in my mind, I’ve already decide to change a phone. But dammit, the next instance I have lost the phone. If not, at least I can get a $100 trade in? or $150? Damn.

Once back, I’ve changed my msn nick to, “I LOST MY HANDFONE. I HOPE THE BASTARD/BITCH WHO PICKED IT UP AND DECIDED NOT TO RETURN WILL HAVE HIS/HER FACE ROTS.” to pre-warn any friends who cant get me via my handphone.

But, my nick….Very funny meh?

Instead of all the consolations that Im prepared to get, a few of my closest friends start to message me things like “HAHAHA” or “LOL” or “Bet you’re still cursing the person who…bla bla bla”


Perhaps the way my nick makes some of you laugh, the evil way..whatever..but Im really angry!

And the last message I had nearly send my blood boiling;

“you dropped the phone or people steal it? If you dropped it then you abit mean leh..”


Already SUPER bad mood liao and this joker can send me this kinda thing!

Im MEAN? Im MEAN in what sense? I admit Im mean most of the times but this time Im definitely NOT!

What logic is this?

If I dropped my handphone and then the lucky winner who picked it up, off the phone, decided to keep and sell it away for money is doing nothing short of “reasonable reaction” and my cursing of him/her is MEAN?

And if somebody steals my handphone and then my cursing of him/her is not considered being MEAN?


There’s no difference between the 2 because both of them is keeping something which doesn’t belongs to them KNOWINGLY! IT’S JUST WRONG!!

Stop humming there “chey, if it’s you who picked up a quite-new phone, you wont keep it meh?”


There was once when I picked up 1 pretty new and trendy phone at orchard but I waited for the owner to call. Ultimately I went to meet him up to return him. And NO, I did not even browse the pictures inside to see whether it’s a guy or girl or whether if it’s a handsome guy or whatsoever. It’s just plain rude to look into something which do not belongs to you. Male or female, when the owner calls to redeem, I will know, anyway, not as if the sex matters. But I reckon most Singaporeans are so greedy will definitely keep such a phone, so I put it into my bag to safe guard it until the owner comes and claim.

There was another time where I saw a deserted phone too but I simply did not take it. I’ve forgotten why, but perhaps I wasn’t feeling very Samaritan that day to want to spend time to return it to the owner, thus I didn’t take it. Was keeping my fingers crossed that the owner come and reclaim it before some greedy person takes it again.

That sickening friend of mine is like the typical Singaporean who thinks it’s OK to keep a handphone which somebody left behind just by switching it off and then selling away. Thinking, “chey I also never steal his handphone, it’s he careless leave it behind and I kio4 tio2(picked up). He deserves it.”

If you think that then you’re a LOSER. And if you’re a LOSER, then don’t ASSUME everyone is also a LOSER LIKE YOU.

I don’t DESERVE to have my handphone LOST okie JUST BECAUSE I was so tired and sleepy from the lack of sleep but still determined to accompany my mother to (supposedly) see the doctor and to accompany her for her grocery shopping despite feeling frozen in NTUC and carrying at least 5kg of stuff back home. Though I can probably blame 90% on myself for such accident happening.

I don’t DESERVE to have my handphone LOST okie JUST BECAUSE some lowly, greedy, conniving scoundrel/b*tch decides to keep my phone by cowardly switching it off.

He or she has NO RIGHT at all.

Okie. Im shiok now. Feel so good after letting it out. Actually Im pretty appeased already and also feeling quite happy now. Mostly because I didnt like the old phone very much too. And the main reason is because…no…not because dearie buy a new phone for me. I dont feel it’s nice to let him always splurge on me especially after he spent like $900 for my birthday. The reason of my happiness is because I think I’ve found an even better phone!

Nokia N81 (not the 8GB one)

Nahz, I wonder why Nokia dont differentiate the 2 models with an extra letter or something. It’s like everytime people ask me what phone Im using, I need to say “Nokia N81, not the 8GB one”. Duhz, freaking long lor, and machaim sound very inferior like that just because my phone is smaller in space. *stuck out tongue*. Ah wei my younger bro is using the 8GB one. I dont need 8GB mah, since I got 4GB MP3 player already, moreover dearie bought that for me. I also dont play games, dont watch videos. My N81 is…roughly about only 100MB internal memory I think…but expandable up till 4GB. Currently I have the 2GB micro-SD card given free. Im satisfied already. Ah ya it costs $498, handset only. And the main main main reason that I squealed with joy just now is because I’ve sync ALL my contacts and calender appointments with the software without a single manual input with my finger! And not to mention, I found a SUPER KAWAII THEME for my phone!!

HELLO KITTY!! Cute or not?

Heez! It looks even better for the real thing because it’s a sweet and bright pink, and yet not that flowery or bimbo enough to make all the letters unclear. Even the icons are soooo adorable. Meet me and I’ll show you. Heez!

Okie it’s a long entry. Shall go now. Smuacks~

I still hope his/her face ROTS anyway. Yah~ And Im not guilty for having such a thought. Amen.


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