Vickki the Bitch

Dammit! Vickki, that son of a, no, that bitch-of-a-bitch bit me until my finger bleed again! *GROWL* Im SO angry!! Precisely what is her problem manzz??? Dearie and I pampered her quite dearly. Just now, she was on my bed playing when suddenly she caught a ball of tissue paper and began to chew on it. Of course I tried to pry it out because most probably that tissue paper is filled with germs which I had sneezed into it but forgotten to throw. Without warning, she just sank her short but lethal teeth on my index finger(right hand) and refused to bulge!! This is really the first time that she bit me WITHOUT the intention of REMOVING her teeth!! OMG! Horror! I was wondering, this time die already because nobody was around me at that time to help me pry open her mouth. Will I lose my finger?? I tried my damnest with my only left hand to pry open her mouth and when I finally got free, you’ll know what will happen to her~ I grabbed the nearest weapon I can find, which is a clothes-hanger and spanked her mercilessly. THAT BITCH!!!!! Then I locked her up inside her playpen(her common toilet) so that she can repent being this willful AND to prevent her from anyhow shitting/urinating inside her usual home(the balcony) as a revenge against me and thus angering me further!! You dont think she’ll do that? SHE’LL DO THAT!!! The last time I spanked her, shortly after, she PURPOSELY urinate in the living room and not in her usual playpen where she always do. Im so shocked because after she has been trained, she has never once urinate in other places. That really goes to show how BITCHY she is!! So please dont blame me for heartless for she fully deserved what she’s getting!!


Movie Title: Mama-mia
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: It’s quite a comedy but the songs are not really to die for…The plot is rather draggy though it reveals Greek in all it’s glorious splendor.

2 Responses to Vickki the Bitch

  1. Serene says:

    Wah it shows that ur dog really hates you alot! Even when mine bit me, it’s juz a quick bite and she’ll let go. When ur vickki sank her teeth into you and refused to budge, it shows how much hatred she has for you!

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    Dono why some comments need moderation but some dont need…maybe 1st time comment need only…hmm…
    She siao siao one leh…sometimes then guai guai then lick my hand and let me sayang. Siao charborrrrr

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