Bitchy Me

Really lack of updates because Im so busy. Busy with what leh? Of course with sales appointments and not to mention dealing with stupid employees working in my company. Im SO BUSY dealing with the errors they always make you know. But thank god, Im ZAI! So Im able to spot them and pull through it. A bunch of idiots who dont know how to apologise when they’re at fault but kept trying hard to emphasize that they’re correct. Do all you want Losers, Im totally fine if you wanna insists you’re correct WHEN YOU’RE NOT, but just get the stuff done! *Rolls eyes*

Hmm What to update? Too long didnt update, a bit lagging. Hmmm…Well, Im back not long from Chijmes and China One at Clarke Quay. Met up with S, where her hubby joined us much later. It’s lots of fun where we gossiped and played games. 2 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc with my favourite CHEESE FRIES. I drank quite alot because need to block for dearie who will be the driver. =.=

Before that, dearie and me went Fullerton Asian Spa to utilise our free spa voucher from our company, i.e, a Couple’s Spa package which consists of a 45min massage and a 20min flower bath. Some pictures, though not well-taken.





I chose Indonesian massage while Dearie chose Swedish. Hmm…mine was..not very satisfactory, though still very relaxing lah. Why not satisfactory? Alas, because my therapist cant maintain a consistent degree of strength through the massage la. Then I had to keep remind her to go “harder” or “softer” because her pressure kept changing! And I thought it’s kinda normal for them to exert more pressure on areas like back, shoulder or legs and lesser pressure on areas like hands or stomach right? My god, she kneaded my buttocks SO hard that I wonder will I have blue black tomorrow or not! After I told her to go softer abit..she went all soft on my legs and back too which I dont feel a thing. ZzZzz It merely felt like people soothing my skin with aromatherapy oil. My therapist was also abit chor lor and..I dont know how to say la…she just made me feel abit weird when she asked me “Do you want me to massage your breasts?”


I think she can always say in a better way? Like, “would you like a chest massage?” It’s like, if I say “Yes, Please do massage MY BREASTS”, that’s like soooooo…sooooo LES! I’ll definitely prefer my massage back in Bintan where my therapist made me so comfortable with her massage(yes, she also massaged my breasts, or rather, chest she called it) and not a least bit embarrassing. Singaporeans are just…..duhz…more conservative and perhaps more uptight bah..which makes the whole thing kinda not natural. After the massage, dearie stepped into the round bathtub filled with warm water and flower petals. I asked out loud with my top clearly exposed(because no towel for me to cover! dammit!) should I join dearie together in the tub or after he’s done because the tub seemed so small. My therapist replied me with a straight face with my breasts clearly exposed to her that I should join him together for a 10minutes flower bath, after which we can take a proper bath in the bathroom, totalled not more than 20minutes. I have to walk across the room to step into the tub stark naked..okie, not stark naked but only with my disposable GIGANTIC maternity-size pantie. THAT’S INDESCRIBABLE!! DONT KNOW HOW TO SAY LAH! And I thought I was being modest!

It’s still a relaxing experience. Fullerton’s service cant go very wrong though I’ll definitely prefer Bintan’s Angsana Spa. Their venue, service and even tea, is so much more wonderful.

Watched 2 movies lately too.

Movie Title: Death Race
Ratings: 4.7/5
Comments: It’s really a thriller. Love it. It seems such a long time where I watched such a nice movie. With plot, action, but maybe not much humour. Very very exciting with your eyes locked to the screen.

Movie Title: Bangkok Dangerous
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: Hmm..Nicholoas Cage always have nice scripts, I’ve noticed, though dearie commented his face dont have much expressions. Haha. Nevertheless, it’s still a not bad movie. But I’ll have to warn you there are alot of narrations, not much humour and a very sad ending. God, I hate endings with suicides. It’s so silly!

Today, rather, Now is 14th Sep.
8th Sep was Je’s Birthday and 9th Sep was L’s birthday. Happy birthday to the 2 beauties. I wish them eternal happiness with their loved ones!

8th Sep, WY, me met L for a dinner and of course a night out at BQ with drinks since the birthday girl clearly said she applied leave for the next day. As WY and me were very sporting, we did stayed till 3+am…where I almost concussed from fatigue. L’s bf came to join us around 1+am. When L went to the ladies, he smuggled out a SLICE of chocolate cake from Coffee Club from his backpac, put a candle on it, lighted it up and waited for L. When L came out, she was having this “what are you up to?” expression on her face. It’s really funny. But she’s really being a sport by finishing the cake and also the Barcardi 151 shot(if I rem correctly) which her bf ordered after we sang her a Happy Birthday Song.

Seriously, I told dearie,

“Please. Dont EVER present me with ONE SLICE of CAKE for my birthday. I dont know what will I do to the cake.”

Dearie burst out laughing and said of course he will never do that. I did a quick recap of all my birthdays and I did not recall anyone ever presented me with ONE SLICE of CAKE for my birthday before. Sweet Jan bought me a cheese cake, A and S bought black-forest cake, D and E bought me mango cakes, T bought fruit cake, ex-bfs bought fresh cream and Swensen ice-cream cakes, dearie bought chocolate cake etc…dont quite remember with the others…BUT there’re all WHOLE CAKES. I understand it’s very difficult to get a decent cake at 1+am…but…you can always get one at 24hours Swensen at CrownPrice since it’s also not far away from the 24hours Orchard Coffee Club which the slice of cake was bought? Otherwise, dont buy lor. For me, I rather have NONE than a pathetic slice. IM SO BITCHY AND HARD-TO-PLEASE, I KNOW. But COMMON lah, not as if L’s bf is earning peanuts. More than $60K a year, I reckon he can do better than present a slice of birthday cake manz. And it’s not as if we’re 18 or 19 years old anymore where 1 slice of cake is oh-so-romantic. L is 26 like me and her bf is 27 already!

Really really, no offence!! L’s bf is still very sweet to buy L a PSP for her birthday and mind you, a PSP not cheap OK. It’s very obvious L’s bf pampered L well and they loved each other deeply for more than 2 years. It’s just my personal opinion of MY own expectations towards MY OWN BF. Dearie so poor thing because he has such a bitchy girlfriend, not at all nice and sweet like L. =)

I have yet to buy a cake for dearie for his birthday before. Because the only birthday I’ve celebrated with him was in Bintan where the getaway was completely arranged by me. And it’s not possible for me to get a cake because the staff said they dont have cakes at night on the whole island!


2 Responses to Bitchy Me

  1. huey says:

    wahhhaha the way you describe the breast massage part is so funny! but atleast she did ask for permission, my Massu didn’t even ask !!!

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    hahaha. Didnt even ask? Then you must be shocked! Haha.

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