Maybe Im Petty. Am I?

Shucks! I feel so miserable now. Have been wiping mucus off my nose for the past few hours. It’s lucky my nose didnt drop off. It’s flowing like tap just like the freeflow house pour during ladies night.

This afternoon, dearie and me went Wisma G2000 to exchange dearie’s 2 shirts of the wrong sizes as well as to collect my altered pants. Aug is my birthday month, thus we bought it with 50% off. When we mentioned that the shirts are of the wrong sizes and wished to exchange for the correct sizes, a male malay assistant quickly said that sales items are not exchangeable nor refundable. I said we did not buy with the sales prices but with my birthday discount. And the birthday discount is supposed to be my privilege and so I think I have the right to exchange for wrong sizes. After he glanced at my receipt, he said he did not know that we bought it with the birthday discount, but he know it now. I replied annoyingly “then you shouldnt assume in the first place.” What a block head. Im mean lah but really mah. Dont you think you should have a look at the receipt before you give any “No” answer to a customer? Anyway, dearie’s sizes are not available anymore so he got half a size larger. It fits him well as he has gained weight. 4 to 5 kg in fact, pretty alot. He also gained an inch for waist. Haha. He’s so happy with his weight gain but yet abit worried with his slightly bigger stomach. It looks okay to me though. Aiyo he’s still so slim, he can still afford to gain a few more kg. While I didnt even shave a kg off after few weeks of curbing my appetite. So very sad neh.

After we finished our dinner at Pasta Cafe at Wisma, dearie drove me to Downtown East where K’s chalet is. Actually I have some shopping to be done because I have some vouchers which will expired in Aug but because I had no time already, therefore have to push it to tomorrow. As dearie spent yesterday with his friends till late 3am, I was hoping to enjoy my day with him. But since I have promised K, so I still went.

And I kinda regreted it.

Dearie did not join me as he was pretty tired. Therefore after he sent me there, he went home to rest but said he will come fetch me home later. I wont stay late, as I have an appointment tomorrow. It was nice seeing friends like Jy, R, Iv, Liz after quite some time and we chatted while watching tv. After awhile, it got boring as my running nose got worse and the tv programs were boring. Iv got a deck of cards and it was being played by K’s bf, J and their friends(I’ll call them A, B, C) whom we dont know.

I was itchy for daidee games but I watched them play awhile before I joined in. J, A and B were playing with Iv and from the way it looked, J had lost 5 times straight. The forfeit was to drink a cup of tap water. Yeah abit kid’s play….But anyway, during one game, J won and A lost. Instead of doing the forfeit of drinking the tap water, A claimed J cheated while shuffling the cards so that he got 3 dees. I was shocked when J admitted the claim and said he will make up by drinking a cup of tap water. What puzzled me was, why didnt the friend speak up just now before the game commenced and only speak up after the game ended and particularly after he has lost? Im suspiciously thinking if Iv lost and not their gang who lost, they might keep quiet. I really doubt the integrity of that group of friends but anyway, I joined in the game to take over J’s place as he said he had lost many times. So, Iv, A, B and me played.

While I was looking over my cards before the game commenced, J was loittering all around us to see our cards. Of course I did not hide because I thought he’s not playing. After awhile, somehow, he took the cards from A and began to play in his place. I said out loud that it’s unfair as he already saw my cards but he said “no worries. Even see your cards before also cannot win you. Haha” Fine loh. We continued. In the midst of the game, he asked me how many cards I left(my cards in a deck in my hand) when he has the option of choosing what to put. I said “I dont need to tell you how many cards I left loh, especially since you saw my cards already.” *mentally stucking out tongue* Indeed I won, and B lost and forfeited. A couple of rounds continued and it’s always their gang who lost and forfeited. Somehow I really hope they stopped playing so that Iv and me can play with our friends, R, L or K but they continued to play.

Iv and me lost 1 round each amongst the 10+ rounds and we did the forfeit. R(our friend) took over Iv to continue playing with B, C and me. R won with his last card diamond dee and C claimed he cant win that set because his last card is a dee. I dont know what f*cking rule is that but sweet-tempered R let them past and so they didnt forfeit since they claimed the win was not justified. So lame~ I wondered next time what excuse can they come up with.

Okie Next round, B obviously lost with more than 5 cards left. C stopped him from doing the forfeit by saying “aiya dont drink lah, it’s a stupid forfeit to drink tap water” and B really didnt drink. I was thinking like, “WTF…yeah it’s abit stupid from the start but we have been playing by this rule since the game commenced what and Iv and me did the same forfeit too”. I was so disgusted with this gang of guys. So low class. 输不起,就别玩。Nobody force them to play. They still have the cheek to want to continue playing. Of course I dont want to play with such losers whereby if I lose I forfeit while they dont have to when they lose. Therefore, I said it’s very warm outside and I want to shift inside into the chalet. B and C said okie and took the cards with them into their room while R and me went back to ours because K booked 2 rooms, complimentary by her company. As we’re feeling bored without cards, I asked K to take back Iv’s cards from her bf’s gang as Iv and me want to play. K said they’re playing and it’s not good to take it back from them. I said of course dont take it back immediately but take it back after they finished their last game lah. But still she refused to take it back. I was so irritated. The cards dont belong to them at all, belonged to Iv leh. K super 重色轻友lor.

It’s so boring to watch channel U and channel 8 in the chalet when our gang were also kinda sian and silent. Bo liao right, might as well I go home and watch and accompany my dearie. Somemore, Im quite hungry because that gang of theirs finished all the BBQ food. Our group ate little. Of course I dont expect them to BBQ for us but at least dont finish everything right? I only had what, 2 chicken wings, 1 sausage, 2 marshmallows and 2 satay. Liz, Iv were hungry too but they didnt say anything, neither did I. Therefore I called dearie to come fetch me home. He must be surprised it’s so early. Stupid. Waste my time, I shouldnt have go to the chalet and spend my glorious Sat with dearie instead. Now it’s wasted.

Sometimes it’s not as if I expected something back when I treat my friends well. Like when their relationship dont work out and find me to accompany them till 7am in the morning because frankly speaking, few friends can be that accommodating to that extent. But sometimes, I wondered, do I even mean more than a deck of cards to them.

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