Cry & Laugh

Haiz. My dear friend is down. I have said all I want to say in an email to her. I wondered should I have tell her how I feel ages ago and would that make a difference? Anyway, we cant turn back time. We can only look towards the future. Many things are easier said than done. Why wouldnt I not know? I have been through it myself before. And trust me girl, my friend has been through WORSE stuff than you.

The most heartbreaking thing about love is not 失恋. 失恋 is just part and parcel of life. It’s something you have to experience it at least once in your lifetime BUT you dont have to let it RUIN your LIFE. And if you asked me what is the most heartbreaking thing. I would say it’s when you’re happily settled down with your husband and 2 beautiful kids and 1 day you found out that he’s having an affair. The result will be a divorce, with a family torn apart, with kids so young so innocent and so clueless about why their parents are splitting. Going to court, fighting for custody, fighting for alimony, struggling to make ends meet for a single-parent family, consoling your children that they’re no way more “different” from normal kids in their class. THAT, is the most tragic thing.

Do you prefer to 失恋 now or go through all that years later when you’re no longer beautiful, youthful with 2 kids tagging behind you? Im very happy that you dont need to go through all that. Instead, you will have a bright future with your Mr Right who is still hiding somewhere at the moment. Ahhh….you have to seek him out and stop closing your doors. Because fate is playing you a trick but destiny lies in your own hands.

I shall stop nagging like an old hag nor preach like a nun. Instead, I shall post up some pics of me which might make you laugh like mad. BUT DONT GO SPREAD HOR!!

I came across a webby lah, which you can upload your pictures and see how will you look like if you’re born in the old era. It’s very cute and funny.

Laugh. Laugh away at your expanse.

Year 1954




1982 – eh, the year I was born.


There are lots more but some of them, the frames dont work that well. There’s a stupid trail of fringe in all the pics because bo bian, the clearest pic of my face without fringe and bangs is this one already.


Too bad I dont have photoshop lah, otherwise can photoshop it away. Eh, actually I got also no use because I dont know how to use it to beautify pics. Blearh.

Oh ya. Play away yourself at And do share pics wor!


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