Not too good

Im not feeling too good now as Vickki bit me on my index finger and it bleed. Not profusely of course but still pain okie. That asshole, has been getting from bad to worse. Other than her occasional tantrums by pooing along the hallway instead of where she knows damn well should be, today I discovered she peed in her “house”. No wonder her sleeping area stinks and mummy just washed her “house”, which is a cushion cube not long ago only. Nowadays whenever she’s feeling moody whenever we didnt let her out, she will tear up the newspapers in the tray and create havoc. Just now it all got into me and I basically hantum her jialat jialat. She didnt turn all meek at all nor sorry which all the more angered me further. And I also got a score to settle with dearie later when he comes back. He fu*king accidentally let Vickki ran out of the house this morning when he opened the door to go for appointment. And the very best thing is, he dont know a thing!! Not me too, because I thought Vickki was playing elsewhere in the house. I was busy applying makeup in my room as I was going Ah Long’s house to attend his first baby’s shower. I got a shock when my neighbour called my brother and said Vickki is at his house. Goodness. What if nobody caught her? Or what if someone evil caught her and kept her? Or is it possible that the lift doors will squash her into pancakes? The thought of it made me feel like calling dearie to (*&^%^&* him. But because he’s going appointment, I didnt want to affect his mood. I will, DEAL with him later. It’s not the first time already. When it first happened, dearie and me chased down my level just to catch her just because dearie has super slow reflex when it comes to action. Im super PISSED. Dearie, if you read this entry before you come back, you better be prepared to coax me nicely!

And so all this hoohaa made me RUSH like a mad dog to Ah Long’s house. Initially I had time to take mrt and changed taxi, ended up I took cab again. Anyway, his darling baby boy is so adorable. Kaijie, nice name.



He has so much hair hor. Actually from his looks, I dont quite see the resemblance. Anyway, I saw Ah long’s wife, a lovely lady and his very warm family and relatives. His friends are not that warm though, and I ate like an idiot there with a couple whom I dont know. I hate this kind of situation where I dont know anyone except the host. PS cant make it. I didnt go for Ah long’s ROM at his house, therefore this time round I must go. Although Ah long got come sit and entertained me awhile, I left after I finished the lunch and went Bugis to find Chris do rebonding. She did a great job. Promo at $193 after GST and she gave me a member’s card too. Thanks girl.

Thanks to D for fetching me to have the Japanese Buffet treat at UE Square.


As it’s a buffet, too much food liao so I lazy to take pictures when Im so hungry. Anyway, it’s not bad only lah. Around $30+++.

Been extremely busy. Sigh. 50% off G2000 for my birthday month. Dearie and me bought a total of working clothes of value $389 AFTER the 50% discount. Not many nice suits so I only bought 1 set plus another pants. Sorry hor didnt jio anyone because both our schedules are so not fixed. Seriously we dont even know when we’re going to buy. I just kept the voucher 24hours in my bag. When we saw the store together then buy. Thursday still got to meet my designer to shop for the fabric/prints for my ROM gown. Sigh, it’s still not done.


Her birthday was yesterday. Shall pass her the pressie when I see her again.

Movie Title: Pathology
Ratings: 4/5
Comments: Kind of disappointed when I was expecting something more than the gruesome pathology works. I didnt see any battle of wit, just meaningless killing and orgy. The effects are so real though.


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  1. huey says:

    thanks girl!!! 😀

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