You Jump I Jump.

Sweet SH came by my place to pass me my birthday pressie. Thank god her hubby drove her here for it’s raining heavily. Thanks girl!! And I passed her a box of Mummy’s mooncakes. =) Hope she and her family enjoy it. Initially thought she’s coming up so that we can reminisce as we have not seen each other for quite some time. But she wanted to catch the Olympics table tennis finals, therefore shall leave it to next time. Good also lah, because Im not feeling too well. But where unwell, I also cant name it…it’s like the throat is rusty, head is giddy.

How she knows I love SKINFOOD??!!

Lovely Packaging, isnt it

The GOOD FOOD, i.e, Milk & Honey Body Lotion, 4 mini mask packs, and Jojoba Heel Care Butter

Lol. I think I really long long time no need buy alot of stuff liao. =D

Yesterday, Dearie and me went AMK hub. It was HUGE, albeit..not much stuff. I strolled into one shop and saw them carrying real neat boxes. Kinda weird that it’s a fashion shop but sell such stuff. Anyway, many of the designs attracted me and finally I settled on one which has design with substance.

It’s really pretty big and spacious, comes with a code too. And I bought it to store my gallons of cosmetics and stuff. Such a HUGE BOX for cosmetics??!!! Oh yes… =P I used 2hours plus yesterday night to pack it. =(


I saw some small silver ones sold in Watson at $20+ before and they’re not large enough. The one I bought is easily 3 times larger, coupled with the design, I thought $75 is a reasonable price while dearie dont think so. Oh well…at least my dressing looks slightly neater now…That box replaces 2 ugly pink old small cosmetic boxes and 1 big bag of nail polish. Seriously it’s the nail polish which took up so much space. =P

After we settled our dinner shabbily, we watched “Love Guru”. Nevermind the disgusting Mike Myers, I just wanna see Jessica Alba.

Movie Title: Love Guru
Ratings: 3/5
Comments: Nahz it’s not my kind of show as you well know. Rather, dearie likes more. But it’s better than what I’ve expected. At least there is some kind of storyline instead of a 100% meaningless cork show.

While SH was excited with the Olympic table tennis finals, Im so intrigued by the 3M Springboard females being broadcasted yesterday night. Instead of the usual running, swimming, jumping or the playing around with either big or small balls, this is 1 sport that took merely around 2 seconds straight to determine you win or lose. For those who dont know, to describe it simply, it requires the contestant to jump with a series of somersaults or twirl her body in very weird ways from a very springy flexible board located 3m high into the pool. It was amazing! It was AMAZING because every dive looked the same to me but yet the scores can ranged from a fail from 30+ to a flying colours score of 87! I wondered what is the judging criteria. I can see terrific jumps from few contestants but their points can ranged apart like 60+ to 70+. While I saw mediocre jumps from 2 contestants, 1 can get 60+ points while 1 can fail. It’s all very intriguing. And prior to last night, I have never seen so many women jump in my entire life!

To quote from Wikepedia:
The individual diving competitions all consist of three rounds. In the first, the 30 divers each perform five dives. The top 18 divers advance to the semifinals. Each diver again performs five dives, and the top 12 divers from among those dives advance to the finals. Preliminary scores are ignored at this point, as only the semifinal scores are considered in advancement. In the final round, the divers perform a final set of five dives, with the scores from those dives (and only those dives) used to determine final ranking.

Seven judges evaluate each dive, giving the diver a score between 0 and 10 with increments of .5; scores below 7.0 or above 9.5 are rare. The highest and lowest score from each judge are dropped. The remaining five scores are summed, multiplied by .6, and multiplied by the degree of difficulty of the dive to give the total score for the dive. Scores from each dive in the round are summed to give the round score.

Guo Jingjing from China has performed outstandingly consistently with all her 3 dives, with every dive scoring a minimum of 79.5 and each one better than the previous. That gave her the first lead in this semifinals. Her fellow comrade Wu Ming Xia was pretty good but she made a mistake(where I dont have the foggiest idea), which failed her at 40+points. Nonetheless, she still can achieve 3rd ranking while Julia Pakhalina from Russia got 2nd ranking with her consistent good dives. Because every dive counts and a single mistake can overturn the tables, the finals seemed unpredictable too as only scores in the finals will be considered. If I can catch it, I will.

A search at Wikipedia showed the pair, Guo and Wu also got the Gold medal in the Women’s synchronized 3 metre springboard competition while Julia Pakhalina, Anastasia Pozdnyakova from Russia got Silver. I didnt recall Anastasia in the individual springboard competition though. So far, all diving events completed, men or women, China achieved Gold. Impressive. Though I heard their training is brutal.

To quote from Wikipedia;
Like all other synchronized diving competitions at the Olympics, only one round of competition was held. Eight pairs of divers competed. Each pair performed five dives, with both divers from the pair diving at the same time.

Nine judges evaluated each dive, with two each judging the performance of the two divers (the execution judges) and five judges evaluating the synchronization of the pair (the synchronization judges). For each dive, four of the nine scores are ignored–the highest and lowest execution scores, and the highest and lowest synchronization scores. The remaining five scores are summed, multiplied by the dive’s degree of difficulty, and then multiplied by 0.6 to get a final score for the dive.

There’s also 10m platform individual diving competition too! But it will be from an inflexible platform rather the flexible one. Wow, 10m!


Okie Ciaoz for my appointment liao.


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