Bad luck please go away….

Im very very down on my luck lately. And Im not procrastinating. It’s really trueeeeeee.

Yesterday just a few hours before Im due to meet my client, my laptop suddenly got problem with loading. And I had to rush to beach road from raffles place to get it right. It’s a freaking 10bucks lor, with an extra of $3 for CBD area plus peak hour charge. Duhz! Fortunately it wasnt a big problem. After which I tried to locate the nearest MRT which is Bugis but dearie called and asked me to wait for him. He’s coming from Macperson to fetch me back. But because of the stupid laptop problem, our dinner were taken very very late and in a rush before I went to meet a client after I postponed the appointment with embarrassment. Perhaps Im very stressed with all the stuff around when in the office, coldsore appeared again. =( My medication was out of sight so I tried to calm myself down by playing games to relax a little, then the coldsore subsided. Though I have a feeling it’s still lurking there and may come back any time. =(

When I got home after my appointment, while scooping dog food for Vickki, I suddenly realised there were insects as well as some worms in the food. Yucks! I had to throw the whole packet away. Sigh…Vickki must have vomitted due to that and thereafter refused to eat it’s food although she’s still picky by nature lah, just like me. Hence today I had to go buy her dog food because I have no spare packets around, and also to buy coldsore cream for precaution. And just few hours ago, my camera also posed some problem. The screen was vibrating non-stop and was unable to focus. Im so irritated. I think the camera is less than 1 year old? Now I got another shit to clear up. Hopefully I can find the warranty card.

SUAY RIGHT?! Sigh….7th month so suay.

Bought some earrings from a stall near my office. They’re very nice, though not very cheap.



Love it! I saw a few more studs which are nice too…but I didnt want to get I walked away with 2 pairs. And I almost fell down when I knocked my feet over some stuff on the floor. It’s painful. =(

Ah, I know who gave me the rim of papers already, it’s Des. And Ir also passed me my belated birthday present.


Hydration mask from Lancaster.

Thank you Ir and Des!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Der also offered me a birthday treat on monday. Haven thought of going where to eat though…Lawry’s?? Kekeke.


Im not so suay after all with all the good friends around me…thanks guys…

Kinda er xin huh….6 days after my birthday liao still got pressie….Im surprised again and again…do keep it coming….. Wahahaha. =P


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