Thank you not enough


Birthday wishes and some simple gifts from colleagues…

Really….it’s all making me…very paiseh….but I really appreciate all these. =) Every month, the birthday girls and boys were being made to come up with 10 little wishes to put up on a “wishing tree”. And during the monthly agency meeting, there will be a cake-cutting session coupled with the birthday song singing too………and birthday boy/girl will distribute mini gifts(usually snacks) for everyone in the agency. Because my agency is quite big…the mini gifts are usually quite economical lah…then sometimes you will receive little gifts from the colleagues if you’re close with them.

Nice diamante earrings from S, E, A, T, L. Thank you alllll!!

Lip liner from Elizabeth Arden, from E and M. Thank you!!!!

Ah ya I also got a book of carpark coupons(dearie want me request one lah) from D and also a rim of paper from ???. Will refill this blank as soon as I know who gave it!

Ya all these little stuffs are what I wished for…well…Im not that BHB to request a branded bag or anything from colleagues lah. Keke.

But for dearie…hiak hiak…I got special request….


“DEAR!! I want a mp3 player.” *act shy*
“orrr Mp3 player ah…what kind one?”
“no need very good one. 2GB will do, no need FM. Just a very basic one will do”

Im thinking less than $150 should be able to get lah.

Then hor…he go get this. =.=


I certainly love the classy white little art piece….but when I saw the price tag…


“You spent $400 on a mp3 player??!!!”


At first he called me and asked me for a 8GB player, only black colour is available and is that okie for me or not. If not, 4GB got more choices of colours like pink, white etc. Then I got so blur and said I never said I want a 8GB what…2GB is enough liao. He said “okok” and so now I have this SONY 4GB MP3 player. Thanks dearie…………..

You all also dont always think only he buy things for me hor…I also got buy things for him one. =P…Just that I didnt always blog…..Few weeks ago he changed wallet, the new mont blanc wallet I bought for him too. It’s not quite a wallet lah..more like a cardholder…but he always like slim slim classy up to him loh…anyway it’s not very expensive..around $150 bah..dont remember…

Not feeling too well these days….stomach discomfort and diarrhoea…Sigh……….. Actually had a quarrel with dearie just now…Im so mad that I refused to take his car but went Yishun on my own from Orchard. We were there because we had a pre-arranged appointment with the solemnizer there to sign the Consent Form for Solemnisation. After which, he went IMM at jurong to buy the MP3 player(which I requested the day before) and then came back to Yishun to find me. Sometimes I can be real angry with him and the tactless way he passed his messages across. Of course the real culprits would be some busybodies who are constantly bugging him about MY stuff which got him stressed up and hence our quarrels.


I really feel I will lose control 1 day if I ever hear any of these comments in my ears. But of course these busybodies will make sure Im not around to chant into dearie’s ears. Because they know Mr Nice Guy wont ask them to SHUT UP while I will! Sometimes I really dont wish dearie to be so nice. It will really cut down on alot of trouble.

Seeing him making all the effort to go so far to buy something which I want and then coming all the way back to give it to me, how can I not be appeased? Sigh. But I did explained to him why I reacted in the way I did……and to make him understand the way I felt and how can the situation be improved so that such things wont happen again.

Im still very grouchy lah…with a uncomfortable stomach.

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