Post Bday meet-up

Since Im not that tired nor drink enough to concuss, I shall blog an entry. Just back from a drinking session at boat quay with my bunch of kakkis at Access Room, namely Iv, T, C, J, K. Some of them brought their friends like R, W and J which I’ve only seen them for the first time but they’re pretty nice and friendly people. =) I did ask L, WY, Viy, PS to come along too since Im opening a bottle but somehow they didnt make it. It’s okie, shall meet them next time, lotsa chance. =)

The usuals, we had games and drinks, sing and play pool. Actually I seldom play pool in pubs. Scared lose mah very paiseh but tonite I played a few rounds. I must say Im very lucky tonight to meet some Singaporean gentlemen. It’s very obvious I lost twice by accidentally hitting the black ball into the pocket. K offered me a 2nd chance by taking out the black ball again and placed on the table(=.= very paiseh) while another acquaintance offered to play another game with me despite being the winner of the challenger’s table. I guess there’s some advantage being the birthday girl. Eh, ya Im not really a real birthday girl as it’s already a belated birthday but T and R are very sweet to bring along a birthday cake. And they sang the birthday song very loudly in the pub where chinese songs were played via the ktv system. =.= I forgotten to bring my camera(again) as I came out in a rush but T caught some pictures on her camera. Will get from her.

Thanks everyone for coming and the lovely gift. I really really like it very much, especially the accessorie adorned with crystal alphabets piecing my name. It has such a personal touch right down to the kitty figurine. You know why? Because whenever we play the “animal game”, I always choose kitty, just like the Japanese Fortune Kitty whereby one fist is placed just beside the cheek. =P I shall hook it to my bag. =D



Pendant & Earring Set


I had a lot of fun. Thanks guys. Smuacks.

Oh ya, thanks for all the belated greetings too. Late better than never. =)

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