A simple birthday

Im really sleepy and tired now, so much so my eyes are no different from slits. However, I just want to pen down this entry as a summation of the weekend.

This year’s birthday was pretty much the same as last year, after minus-ing off quite a fair bit of stuff. As dearie and I were both very busy over the past few months over work and some negotiations in regards to the wedding, my birthday was quite a simple affair. I booked Fullerton for 1 night stay on the eve, 8th Aug and arranged for our complimentary spa massage on the 9th straight after our checkout. It’s not our first time so-call celebrating in Fullerton and so, the feeling is more of familiar coziness rather than exciting surprises. I didnt even take pictures of the room because they just look alike from the previous occasions and I’ve took pictures of them before as well as uploaded/blogged them before. I feel the feeling of 老夫老妻 has so-called sinked into us already. At first I hesitated over the booking of the room as Ser reminded me that we can save more money for the wedding instead of spending over $400 for 1 night stay in Fullerton. It makes sense and I talked to dearie. However, he was generous and sweet about it and said it’s just a once every year event, moreover it’s my birthday. And we’re both sick of the crowd of people during eve of PH as well as PH and pretty much love to nua inside a comfy hotel room without the need to cramp with people. And I just dont like the idea of cooping up at home on the eve of my birthday. So we went ahead.

Dearie asked me what present I liked this year so that he’ll buy for me and I was lost in a haze. There wasnt anything particular which I wanted. I can buy stuff for myself or for him with my own money without hesitating too long, but when he wants to use his money to buy stuff for me, it seems so hard because I dont want the money to be wasted on frivolous stuff(which I always did =P). We bought back our lunch to hotel room. After eating, we napped. YES! Like pigs! We really didnt have enough sleep lah. Haha. We woke up around 6+pm to go Central Mall which is nearby to shop cum catch our dinner. After shopping, I still didnt see anything I fancy, end up dearie didnt buy anything for me, which seemed very weird because I ended up with no birthday present from dearie this year. =.= Of course I can KIV the birthday wish till I see something I like la..but..birthday also over liao, abit meaningless huh. This year I also dont have birthday cake! Humph! Why the difference in treatment after I said “Yes” seemed like heaven and earth? Humphhhhhh!!!

Our dinner wasnt fantastic, had it at Billy Bombers. Then we went back hotel to watch tv. The opening ceremony of Olympic in China was amazing, breath-taking and simply awesome. I was very impressed by their creativity and believed wholly that big numbers sure make a difference for most of the performances need so many citizens to work hand-in-hand together. In comparison, Singapore’s NDP looked like kid’s play. =P Eventually, we didnt go for our massage because we were informed the jacuzzi was spoilt. ZzZzz So we decided to have our massage another day.

Last thursday, sweet WY and L asked me out for a so-call pre-bday meet. We had dinner at fareast plaza and adjourned to Thumper as it’s serving ladies drinks. I really ought to spend lesser else I’ll end up being a very poor bride as well as wife. Thanks WY for the very sweet pink dress which looks flattering and L’s offer to buy drinks for me. They ALMOST ordered a Lamborghini for me which I squealed in horror to decline it. It’s a thursday and I felt so weird lah. I accepted L’s offer of a glass of red wine though after having 4 glasses of house pour. Thanks girls. =D Too bad I forgotten to bring camera that day. I had fun, but WY seemed preoccupied. Hope her stuff cleared up soon. =)

I forgotten to mention K bought me a hair accessorie from Chomel the night I met her and Jy too. It’s very pretty and I took a pix of it and uploaded it! Also I spent quite a long time to stick some crystals of a snowflake motif onto my laptop just now. Boy..was is tiring…but at least..it was satisfying. Now I dont have to look so closely to differentiate between dearie’s lappy and mine. Pic uploaded

All the pics are lumped here. Simply too tired. Mummy gave me an angbao and a very sweet gift. It’s a revolving statue of a rabbit which hummed the happy birthday song and can improve the luck. Er…mummy said because my zodiac is dog so the rabbit statue is good for me from what the Master has said. There are some logics behind the whole thing but Im not very sure lah. I just know mummy wants the best for me. =) Love her loads.

Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday in person, by sms or by msn. Sigh. Silly me actually accidentally deleted all messages in my Inbox when Im trying to clear my Sent Box. But I really appreciate all the wishes. Thanks so much!

In alphabetical order(searched through contacts list to revive memory, hope I didnt miss anyone out or remember wrongly!);
Andy, Catherine, Celine, Christine, Derec, Desmond, Edwin, Eileen, Estee, Evangelin, Fabian, Grace, Irene, Ivan, Janet, Jerrain, Joy, Kelly, Ken, Lina, Liping, Mary, Natasha, Sandra.L, Serene, Viyond, Wenyi, Winnie

Not to mention my dearie, mummy and brothers. =)

4 Responses to A simple birthday

  1. huey says:

    yo girl! happy birthday to you!!! your hp number start with 9 or 8 now ah?? i realised i got 2 numbers in my hp leh . so not sure my bday wish went to which one LOL!

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    yoz girl. I changed new number liao, the one start with 8 no long in use. Now using the one 9xxx1555 one. =) You sent me ah? Xiexie!!

  3. huey says:

    yah lor i sent on the day morning. then yesterday realised got 2 numbers. ok i will remove the one starting with 8 hehe. maybe drop by your place sometime this week or next week k.

  4. Chilli Padi says:

    Oh sure but my room very messy siah.

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