First birthday pressie

Happy birthday to Mummy & Ashley!! They share the same birthday on 6th Aug. =D For mummy, I wish her eternal health and a blissful life always. For Ashley, I wish her prosperity in her career and the best in whatever she do. =)

Has been receiving advance birthday cards from various merchants, like GNC and some others which I dont remember. However, the one which I have a deeper impression is Shu Uemera. I always love their products and they are giving some discounts/vouchers for purchases over $120 I think. Although I understand all birthday cards to customers are standardised, Shu’s birthday card is exquisitely designed. =)

I met up with my 2 darlings, K and Jy just now for dinner. I arrived late due to a work appointment and was suprised to know that they actually waited for me for dinner. Aiya I should have tell them to start without me. Nevertheless, we had our dinner and our drinks at Nude Bar at Wisma. As with the 2 pregnant ladies, again, Im the only one who can have alcoholic drinks although I know they’re dying to have. Lol.

“Aiya, you two faster go give birth lah. Give birth liao then accompany me drink”

‘Of course lah! Need you say.”

Lol. Thanks girls for the advance birthday pressie. =D


I asked out loud whether did they bought any “kinky” stuff for me. K protested that they’re so decent and wouldnt buy such stuff. HAHA. Like real!!


How transparent is it??



Well, thanks so much girls!!

It’s hard to believe Im turning 26 so soon, this saturday. Kinda sad actually, past the 25th mark. =| Dont care lah. Being happy is more important. Im so looking forward to our getaway at Fullerton on friday and our complimentary spa massage on Sat in Asian Spa located inside Fullerton. =D And oh ya..I got to buy Mummy’s birthday present…wondered should I just give her money this year…


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