3 months away!

Last friday dearie meet up with his 2 buddies for a drink. Hence, I also find my own entertainment. Met up with T and C, the pair of darlings at Bugis Junction. I haven seen them in such a long while. Lol. As usual, the chatty T will always have alot to update me and the bunch of them are still as happening as usual. We had a long chat over our dinner and did some shopping. Around 10+pm, dearie messaged me that they were going St James to “check-kit-kout”. *rOlls eyes* Hamsup dear. Anyway, C joined us shortly after her work and we went supper at Liang Seah Street, a hongkong cafe. After which we adjourned to a pub just at the opposite where we bitched somemore. Haha. I ordered a heineken and subsequently a house red whilst they have iced water. =.= They hardly drink. Dearie came and fetched me home after his thing ended.

Bosco and Myolie simply have amazing and gorgeous bridal shoots done by My Dream Wedding, which is a bridal studio. Of course they didnt really get married but merely advertising for the bridal studio in Singapore. I didnt know that they actually have a branch in Singapore other than their headquarters in Hongkong and branch in KL. Since I have already booked mine, I can only ogle at the pictures and lament in pity. However, I heard in forums that their package’s price is on the high side and they’re not flexible on negotiations. They have wonderful service though. The great pair had such natural and endearing pictures that I couldnt believe they are merely friends or colleagues! Therefore, I googled them out and realised indeed there are rumours that they are an item. Haha. Quite an adorable pair!

Charlene and Ken also have wonderful shots and all their photos are provided by Mona Lisa and France Bridal. Im abit puzzled here about why the other 2 bridal salons are responsible for providing the pictures. Nevertheless, they were such great impressive shots and I wondered who are the photographers. Naturally, the location, Hongkong, is also a beautiful and scenic place for enchanting views. I really really hope when my time comes for photoshoot, it will be a balmy, breezy and cooling day instead of the usual hot, humid, sunny weather in Singapore…They’re really not inspiring or encouraging for a happy day of wedding photoshoot.

While kpo-ing about the gossips of Bosco & Myolie, I came across this blogsite, http://boscolieobsession-.blogspot.com/ which is very funny! For those who are crazy with hongkong tvb serials, I bet you are familiar with their actors/actresses.

Quoted from there:
The “translation” is done by the author of the blog and it’s so funny!

TVB’s executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling (“Miss Lok”), recently gave comments on nine TVB artists.

Raymond Lam 林峰 is professional. Raymond Lam is being promoted, and 2007 is his year. He’s an excellent actor, but for him to be better looking on screen, I made him go on a diet. Every time I see him, I would ask, “How much weight did you lose?” The result was, he quickly lost 5 pounds. This is the professional spirit I see in him and what we want.

Translation: We threatened to stop promoting Raymond unless he stopped being “fat.” No one likes a fatty. We don’t care about our artist’s health. They just need to look good so we can make money.


Kenneth Ma 马国民 becomes a star: Years ago, he was lacking confidence, because everyone thought he was too cool, however, after years of acting, he started to changed. Now, he becomes more like a star with confidence, he even looks better now.

Translation: We have stopped giving Kenneth perverted roles, so stop viewing him as a pervert! We will keep giving him good roles until everyone accepts him as a good guy. In fact, we are going to ignore the fact that he had a role as a perverted criminal in Survivor’s Law and give him a new role as the lead in the sequel, where he plays an atypical, but “righteous” lawyer. Kenneth = good guy, leading man – got that?

Dont really know who is he. =P

Bosco Wong 黄宗泽 is hardworking: He is very hardworking, working nonstop; sometimes he brings a sleeping bag to TVB and sleeps in the hall way whenever he can. A lot of producers like him, for example, in Dicey Business and Under the Canopy of Love, Bosco was only a guest star. But, he was so skilled in acting that the producers added lines to his characters.

Translation: Bosco is a slave to TVB; he signed a 8-year contract with us and we will work him for all he’s worth.


Moses Chan 陈豪 fits various roles: He is an actor that can portray many different types of characters. Giving him roles as doctors, lawyers, are all fine. Gangsters, regular citizens would also work; this is his strength. His future will be bright.

Translation: We know the audience only accepts Moses in comedy roles like Family Man and The Gentle Crackdown, but we want to give Moses the “first brother” position, so you will all have to accept him in whatever role we give.


Ron Ng 吴卓曦 needs improvements: Ron Ng’s born attractive. In a short period of time, he gained a group of fans. However, he knew that his skills and his amount of fans are not proportional. After the new year, he’ll be going to USA for training class. Bosco is a smarter actor while Ron reacts slower.

Translation: We understand Ron is popular only because he’s “hot,” so we’ll continue to exploit his looks while they last, but we will make an “effort” to try one last time to see if we can dig up any ounce of talent at all in him.


Charmaine Sheh 佘詩曼 opening China market: Charmaine’s acting skills are becoming more attractive, and her improvement is known by others. This year, we will help her open the market in China, because she’s quite famous in the Mainland.

Translation: We need to sell Charmaine quickly before she reaches her expiration date.


Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 has a lot of choices: Myolie has a lot of advantages because she can speak English and can become a host or work on singing, aside from acting.

Translation: Myolie is the only artist who can sing, act, and host equally well. We will mold her to become our go-to girl for everything and replace Charmaine as “first sister” immediately after she reaches her expiration date. Laugh Out Loud


Shirley Yeung 楊思琦 successfully changed her image: In The Brink of Law, Shirley is evil, and it changed the image in many audience’s eyes.

Translation: We will give Shirley only evil roles from now on as it seems she can only “act” when being evil because we’re tired of people complaining about us giving her awards with preposterous claims that she cannot “act.”


Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 liked by audience: Linda doesn’t know Chinese, but can react fast, and many audience like her. In Always Ready, she left a great impression. Many producers love her and gave her many chances. This year, she can possibly be promoted.

Translation: Linda is our robot… our new Charmaine, minus all of the rumors. She listens to us and does exactly what we want, so we love her – and you must too!


Hmm…among all tvb actors/actresses, I do appreciate Sonija 郭羨妮, Charmaine’s and Raymond’s good looks. However, the serials which I enjoyed most are by Bowie Lam 林保怡 and 欧阳震华. Ya although the former is not very handsome and the latter has balding crown with pot belly, they are excellent actors and both are very charming in their own ways. Ada Choi 蔡少芬 is always my ultimate favorite, with her striking good looks and outstanding acting skills. She’s always able to bring out the different roles she was being assigned.


Oh ya I also liked 郭晉安 as well as 黄子华!! Both are very experienced actors, the former is cute while the latter is funny! Charmaine and Sonija are good actresses, so I still like their shows. Raymond is good in acting, however, news of his cockiness kinda irked me so I’ve dropped him. =P Bosco is quite cute but cant really act yet loh. Linda’s pretty refreshing and is doing good as a newbie. Shirley, kinda agree she cant really act but good to look at lah. I love HK tvb artistes. =) Pictures from artistes gotten from tvb.hk.

Dearie just now sooOooo funny you know. I pronounced “Yale” wrongly and he kept teased me! So I kept tickled him while he’s holding on to his bowl of dinner. And he was so distraught that he caught a cramp(抽筋) in his ribs, which was where I attacked him! Lol. Have you ever seen someone with a cramp in the ribs, near the armpits? Lol. I laughed till I rolled over. Although yes, I should feel sympathetic that he experienced a short, sharp pain. But I got too hilarious over his constipated face and spastic posture that I couldnt contained my laughter. HAHAHA. He’s still my cute dear lah. =)

Movie Title: The Mummy 3, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
Ratings: 4.3/5
Comments: It’s seriously not bad! I love the realistic and natural digital effects. They made the plot believable although the part of the SnowMen kinda pushed it too far. I always love China’s history, especially about Qin Dynasty, no matter they are myths or legends. Dearie commented that the previous sequel is better though.

We finally e-filed at Registry of Marriage online and also arranged the timing with the solemnizer. Time flies and we’re going to ROM in around 3 months time. Lately, so many stuffs are taking up my time. Most of them are my own stupid problems. Thank god for dearie for always being there for me. I really, REALLY appreciate it SO SO much! Thanks dear and I love you so. =D


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