I was tortured by serious cramps yesterday. It’s that time of the month again. Sigh. Most of the months I will get cramps. If only I can remember to take evening primose oil everyday, it might not be so bad. Took a total of 4 pink panadols and that made me as weak as a baby today. Took a rest and slump the day away. The weather is getting so hot that it’s unbearable.

Actually the previous two nights I did not slept well. It was because I was very emotionally and mentally disturbed after seeing pictures a kitten being trampled to death alive in Ser’s blog. My tears fell uncontrollably upon seeing the pictures, unable to believe such a inhumane act can be done. And my mind kept flashed back to the tragic scene. Even now it still haunts me now and then. Prayed at home and somehow I felt better already. Hopefully Ser update new posts so that I wont need to be careful to avoid seeing the pictures again…I know I will cry again if I see them. =(

Sometimes I feel sleeping is such a waste of time. It’s merely an act to replenish our energy and vitality. If only everyone of us can have 6-10hours more, so much more things can be done. Haha. As if I used my time wisely. =P

Mummy is baking mooncakes again. They are as tasty as ever, with the freshest salted egg yolk where you can practically see it gleaming in the light. Seriously, I bought expensive mooncakes from hotels to eat before. All the salted egg yolks inside were so dry and hard and tasteless. And the lotus paste is simply too sweet for my liking. Mummy’s one is just nice. No wonder mummy said more expensive ingredients and the way you baked really makes a difference. She said the lotus paste she bought were of more superior quality and when she described her baking process, I almost fainted. It’s not a simple straight 1 hour baked for 1 hour then the mooncake is ready. She separates the baking process into a few sessions with additional procedures, sometimes take out apply a layer of egg over it then put it back to bake again. And got other things lah. I also dont quite remember, so many steps, moreover it’s her trade secret. Heehee.

I asked her before why the mooncakes I bought from Raffles Plaza Hotel(If I remember correctly, red/black packaging) only lasted up to 5 days without refrigeration then spoilt already while hers can last around 2 weeks without refrigeration also didnt spoil although we dont use preservatives at all. She said it’s because of the baking process, because for her, longer hours are used for baking, but in turn will incurr more electricity costs. Good food sure dont come easy. =) Hmm I’ll post a picture of it soon. Interested can order through me. =) I think she charges only $28 per box of 4 for single yolk. Dont quite remember the price, and also dont know whether she will adjust the prices since prices for salted eggs increase like crazy.

Im quite boliao..so Im gonna upload some pictures of my Viwawa wawas..







Oh yah…feel free to add me. I usually play Big2.5(daidee), Wahjiong(mahjiong) or Zany Bridge(bridge). Lately more hooked to bridge. Please dont ask me to teach. I simply have no patience. Alright you can ask me to teach but I must teach in person or by phone. To teach online via typing is a chore! I tried before. =P

Dearie is servicing his car tomorrow and that silly boy is so anxious to receive his handset voucher so that he can go buy his new phone during the time slot before he picks up the car at 5pm. Funny lor. I buy new phone also not this excited before. At least, I long time never feel excited about buying something new. Hmm This is very bad. It means, I have been buying and buying new stuff till I feel it’s a norm. Damnz.


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