A day to the Botanic Gardens!

We started our day by indulging in a feast of yummy steamed fish, chilli la-la and sambal kangkong at our favourite store, HOW HUP at Whampoa Market. Dearie and I loved their teochew style steamed fish. They have super fresh fish, steamed to perfection and always come with plenty of tasty soup with the fish itself. After the meal, we have no idea to go. Instead of going to the boring Orchard again, I proposed going to the Zoo!! It was 6+pm already and dearie said the timing is not very ideal as it’s in between the normal day entry and the Night Safari. Im more interested in the day outing as can see more animals…so we dropped that idea. Perhaps go another time lo. Our second choice is Botanic Gardens since it’s just nearby. Heez…a walk in the gardens in the cooling weather with no sun seemed perfect!

We walked quite abit but heng still okie lah. Heng today no sun. Heez. We went off at around 8pm when it was getting dark. A disappointment that we didnt see the National Orchid Garden because they closed at 7pm. Not many flowers to see, but there were some pretty cute and rare trees. One was shaped exactly like a spade! Another one was so tall that it can reached around 7 storey high. Still got many others lah, but it was quite dark and pictures taken did not reflect very clearly.

We watched a movie yesterday after some shopping at Suntec after our company event. *frOwnz* I spent quite a bit yesterday. A very nice dress, worn today in the pictures. Heez. A nailpolish from E’TUDE, glitter purple. “Sex and the City” Novel. And 3 hair accessories which cost me $48. (=.=) Crystals studded, that’s why. =P Im going to avoid shopping centres from now on. That’s why today go Botanic Gardens. Next week I will go Zoo. Week after I will go Jurong Birdpark. =P

Movie title: Prom Night
Ratings: 3.8/5
Comments: mediocre plot with mediocre effects. Not a must-watch, but still ok lah.

Oh I mentioned about having my exam today right. Blur me didnt know got to book exam one leh. How would I know since I never took that course before. =P That person also never tell me mah, moreover no friends take with me, so I dont know loh. They got send me emails lah, but I thought they were trying to advertise their courses as usual, so I usually just glanced through vaguely and didnt read. =( Dearie should have told me lor since he took the exams before and he knew must register one. But as always, he’s still insensitive. =P Neve rmind lo, since Im not fully prepared for the exam too, Im going to book the latest which is on the eve of my ROM. SIANZ. It’s the only slot for this year. Duhz!

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