Time for a breakkkk

Dont mistaken. It’s merely a 1 hour break before I hit the books again. It’s amazing that everytime I look at the text, they will automatically get blurry and then I will concussed.

Since Im in a good mood, I will be not be lazy and upload some pictures!

Pictures taken in Fish&Co when I had dinner with G at IMM!! Oh, G dont wanna take pictures that day because she did not have make-up on. Aiyooo…her naked, flawless skin is so much even better than mine even with me HAVING makeup ON. That’s really no need for her to shun the camera! Anyway, pictures of our sumptuous food!

Seafood Chowder
Yummy Seafood Chowder. *slurps*

G’s very yummy Crawfish Paste. It’s just like baby lobster/crayfish.

My SUPER, DUPER, DELICIOUS New York Fish & Chips, filled with cheese!!! =D OMG!!!

Hmm the calamari was disappointing that day and G so-called “feedback” to them. Heehee…and thus….

We had this desert, brownie with ice-cream FREE!!

Feedbacks are GOOD. =)

We were in a good mood that day thus we went shopping. Dont see IMM like ulu ulu like that, they got many restaurants and shops okie! Here are my buys. Some are pretty good!

Striped pink and white shorts from FOX. All items having 50% off. So this costs around $18 I think.

From FOX too. Fitted for a frequent card player like me. Hoho. $29

White dress which costs $33+ after 40% discount. Pui! No brand at all, still say after 40% discount is $33. The boss is not there, arbo I sure suan her! But the dress not bad lah, good quality.

Nice satin korean top bought from online spree. Very good quality material with flattering cut.

Actually yesterday I bought some stuff from TANGS too. But not much lah. Just a large size perfume, INCANTO from Ferragamo, because both dearie and I loved the original fragrance. Therefore I bought the 100ml one. Anyway the SA gave me a 30ml fragrace, F by Ferragamo worth $82 plus a gigantic beach bag. $143 with so much freebies, plus 10% rebate with CITI TANGS rebate card. Shiok! Ah also bought a pair of small flowery ear-studs and hairclip la. Lazy to take pictures already. So you see, I must have the mood to take the pictures, PLUS, the mood to upload and blog about them too. Veryyyyy difficult. Haha.

Remember the pair of white plan shoes I bought for my ROM/Wedding. Heez. As my feet is a small size 3, it’s very difficult to buy shoes, much less a nice and appropriate one fit for an occasion. I found one pair at Design & Comfort at Fareast. It’s a size 4, but can wear lah after they punched more holes at the strap. =| But it’s too plain, therefore I DIY to enhance it! Firstly, I must get ready the materials and tools!

Hee Yes! I love crystals! Im going to BLING my shoes. Haha.

Not all materials were being used actually. Some I bought to “try out”. Hmm..the “flowers” on the top left hand corner dont stick easily on the shoe surface, plus it’s difficult to coordinate with the other crystals. Therefore I left it out. Im not expert mah…try basic only first. =P

The tools! Oh actually dont need the scotch tape lah. Just apply glue on the shoe and stick 1 by 1 can already. The scotch tape is needed when there is a design or motif which you wanna stick onto an object.

BEFORE…..so plain.

After!!! Dang dang dang dang!!

Colorado topaz with black diamond Swarovski crystals with cream rose pearls. Nice? Of course not! They’re gorgeous!!

Lol. Hahahaha. Okie lah, I know Im not very creative lah, so do simple design lo. HAHA. But will do lah huh, since they can sparkle! \(*o*)/ They should be quite easy to match, and can be worn for dinners too. I dont intend to wear them for once and chuck them aside. Hello the shoes costs around $50+ and the crystals come up to around $50 too. This pair of shoes, coupled with my efforts is worth around $200 now. LOL. So I wont care if anyone is gonna criticize me for being “exaggerating” for wearing such a pair of bling shoes out in future for outings or dinners. =P I wish the heel is more sleek though but what to do, feet so small, very few choices.

Have been experimenting with different eyeshadows. YA…Im just vain and like to play with colours. Heez.

This combi was done with the bronze colour in Stila eyeshadow trio(gold glow) with the rose gold in O2 eyeshadow. Of course with fake eyelashes and my usual Kat gel eyeliner.

The matching lipstick in peach, IPSA H03 with MAC lipgloss Goldensoft.

Stuff I usually used. Except the glitter, unless for clubbing. Hee =P

That’s all! Im gonna hit the books again!


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