Bon voyage

Last Saturday night was being spent at i-Rumours at Clarke Quay as a farewell gathering for Ge as she’s flying to London soon to join her boyfriend, for maybe 2 years. Initially, I did not plan on going because I literally dont know her well as she has left the agency before I joined. But I’ve heard of her name sometimes and also bumped into her together with Sh while shopping with dearie at Raffles City once. She strucked me as a very sweet girl with no airs, not to mention totally gorgeous. Perfect eyes, perfect nose, perfect height, perfect smile and perfect figure. I really respect her for her devotion towards her boyfriend all these years. It’s not easy to maintain a long distance relationship. London leh, so far. Not even malaysia or aussie.

I almost cant believe the place charges a cover charge. I dont know how much though, because Ed opened a bottle to waive all our cover charges, together with Dearie, F, SH, Ge, himself and me. If you like dragonfly then perhaps you will like i-Rumours. Kind of canto disco. Sometimes the band will sing, sometimes it’s playing house, techno or retro music. We played dice, and I taught them the “animal game” inspired by Iv too. We went back around 3+am.

Hope everything work out for her in London, for work and for love. =D

Did I mention ChinaOne’s cheese fries is totally heavenly? I have been fantasizing it for 2 days straight. Shall go get it soon.

Oh yah. I’ve got Ash to be my photographer on my ROM day! Im so happy can? I always know she has a passion for photographer and she got one big ass bulky camera which she took awesome pictures. But I didnt know she actually do freelance too and is so professional about it. I actually meant it to be a simple affair. Like perhaps 1 or 2 hours for snapping pictures of the venue, food, group pictures, the solemnization and also the breathtaking room which we are going to stay for the nuptial night. However, Ash was being totally pro and generous about it. Besides charging me for a much lesser fee than she usually charges, she said she’s gonna be there whole day just for me, as well as doing some edits, touch-ups and all the chim chim effects which Im clueless. Im so touched with her selfless giving. =D Though I said I dont want her to be so tiring and vexing to take photos for so many hours because I want her to enjoy the buffet and the occassion too as a good friend. But she insists. =.= Well, Im in for a treat! So so happy. I know I wont be shy infront of her and Im sure Dearie will love her. Of course not in that way lah, otherwise I will be jealous. Hee. Below are a few of her works which I simple adore, the angles and the effects everything. There’s simply too many of my favourites though I try not to put up pics of her and her frens without her permission, so please view them from her blog ya. And Baileys is sooOooO Cute!






Do leave her a message at her blog if wish to engage her services. =D


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