Dawn Yang VS Xiaxue

Apparently, the offensive XX has did it once again, in her usual style. By being “candid”, “honest” and “real” enough to write how she felt towards Dawn, pertaining to how she lied about she has never go under the knife, her heritage and the income she earned, and of course how much she despised her. I assure you she’s definitely not as polite as I am. She has deleted all her entries about Dawn after a lawsuit was threatened. Both of them resumed their lives and advertised KOTEX pantyliners as if nothing happens and both echoed with joy for their hike in hit counts. XX’s site reached 50K, she claimed, and Dawn’s site hit 30K. I cant post XX’s entries as they were gone. I wont post DY’s entries as it will make this entry even longer. Anyway, you can view her entries at clapbangkiss lah. So for those who knows the story then fine. For those who dont know, well, you can just read for entertainment..or if you got nothing to do. haha.

Anyway, the topic was closed. But there was a thread started in flowerpod chatting about this topic. And most were saying they support XX. *giggles* Support. Okie, here’s my take. I reckon since I spent some time, not a lot, but maybe more than 5minutes for every post I put up there in that thread(so far 3 posts I think), I shant let them go to waste. And so, I shall post some of the common responses, including those who agreed with my post and those who dont, etc. Copy & paste all the wayyyy.

The_Queen (thread-starter):
heard the latest gossip of these 2 chicks?
Read it!
Apparently Xiaxue was served with lawyer letter and edited her post.
Dawn closed her site..
hmmmmm………. i like!!!
I still vote for Xiaxue though!

finally!! actually i hate xiaxue for making many irresponsible remarks! especially after the post about disgusting bloggers and esther aka ice angel was considered one of them. altho i do not know ice angel personally, but if im not wrong, ice angel was once a huge fan of xiaxue. then xiaxue did this to her.. sleep.gif imagine how she felt at that time. i hate xx to e core!! so what if dawn yang cooked up a lot of lies? are these lies even harmful to her in the first place?! xiaxue is just another brainless jealous whore. shes always writing bad things about ppl and once when dasmond koh (xu zhen rong) wrote bad thing about her, she claimed that she was very disappointed in him whom she always regarded him as an artise that she loved most blah blah blah.. aiyah. stop acting pathetic lah
at least dawn yang is pretty altho shes plastic. xx also had her nose done what, but i think she wasted her money

It was only a matter of time before there was a cat fight. I find this very boring. I hate hysterical chicks, who blame each other for their own faults.
They should apologize to their readers for being so rude. And try to be better role models especially for young girls who idolize them.

I support Xiaxue! To me dawn was never a blogger in the first place! And she is full of crap and lies! Esp after the designer luxury scam,I came to know of dawn’s character! She was not sorry towards those who got cheated because of her and silently disappeared. She is the kind who would do anything for money. Xx really does a good advertorial each time!!!
All the while i was actually thinking how come xx never said anything bad about dawn given her character.Xx has been rather towards her all this while.Oh anyway,nice show for us

very wuliao lor…too free nothing to do
One keep thinks she’s very talented and enjoys insulting people without caring for other’s feelings. Another lies blatantly and feel she’s so chio despite going through cosmetic surgery.
I cant say I like either~

Well, at first when I read XX’s post i was like ‘Em, is this EVEN xx writing all these?’. It seems almost impossible! I mean no doubt it’s MEAN and EVIL and dah dah dah but i felt she did no wrong by writing all that. I mean, that ISNT the only site that revealed everything Dawn did, no? Infact, there are SOOOO many forums and other blogs that write about Dawn. So why did Dawn only choose to sue XX?
Idk, maybe there’s smth going on beneath it all n we dont know. OR Maybe they collaborated to make themselves more popular. =/

OH! now i get it
im a xx supporter. argh. i used to think that dawn was a really harmless person despite her denial of having cosmetic surgery. or maybe it’s just noel who is mean.
if dawn really dint do all those things, y must they get so worked up over wad xiaxue wrote. just show evidences to rebutt her la.
must be the truth revealed.HA.
xia xue all the way!

People just love to have someone to hate, or at the very least, dislike. That is why gossip always, always sells. I mean, reality shows are only interesting if there’s a b*tch or a b*stard in it right?
I personally think Xiaxue has weird taste in clothes, is too defensive, acts or is rather a bimbo (seriously, a princess room? And that much pink? Each to her own I guess.), etc, etc, but at least she can write a really entertaining blog. She can really come up with good entries with good, sound reasons to back up her opinions, which proves her status in Mensa. Dawn just… let’s say it’s really, really hard for me to read her blog (teehee). I’ve friends who think she’s a b**ch etc, etc, but really, they’ve never read her blog, so they can’t really judge.
Xiaxue at least looks natural in pictures (well, as natural as a photoshopped picture can look), without that same head tilt, lips pursed, eyes big thing going on, but Dawn…………. all I can say is that she does a Paris Hilton in almost all of her photos………. super scary.
The whole lawsuit XX vs DY thing is just a good form of entertainment for me. If XX gets sued, it’s entertainment, if XX doesn’t get sued and gets sarcastic (which she’s doing now), it’s still entertainment.

ME:(here comes my long controversial post =P )
sigh. Seriously I dont understand why all of you is so happy when XX tears Dawn’s face in her blog. Just because she has cosmetic surgery and lied that she didnt?

Look at our flowerpod forum. Under the thread of cosmetic surgery, many people also did it. Yes, some are gracious enough to admit, like XX, but does that made the ones who dont, a laughing stock?

So XX admited her nose job, she is a heroine and Dawn who didnt is a loser?

It sure take guts to admit one did a surgery, but think about it, does Dawn need to admit? If she dont admit, will anyone lose anything or will anyone suffer if she dont admit? No. It’s her own personal thing. It still stems down to your personality.

ASK YOURSELF. If you did major surgery, will you admit to the world? I think not many people will do it. Let’s say if I saw my colleague strolling in after 1 week of absence, her single eyelids has turned to double. When people asked, she said it’s just lack of sleep. So? I mean, does it give you tremendous satisfaction that someone pretty HAVE TO ADMIT she did plastic surgery, so that you feel better when you look at her? Why need to make people look bad by tearing her apart when you have nothing to lose or gain about her hiding her stuff? *shakes head*

On the contrary, XX wrote all those things is because she had enough of people comparing her to Dawn and saying that she is inferior. If so, she should hate those who flamed her and not Dawn, as dawn did not do anything to her at all, except being a camwhore or haolian about her face, body and admirers. But again think about it, its her blog mah. Of course your blog will be filled with your pictures. I reckon if anyone did plastic surgery before and became so beautiful, you will also be pleased and hence take more pictures? At most, she can be faulted for being vain, haughty and so on.

XX hates Dawn, mostly is for the reason that dawn’s supporters keep suan her that she’s not as pretty as Dawn, or gets some freebies which she dont have and in other aspects as voiced out in her blog. In my opinion, XX is a very very narrow-minded girl, for she is even jealous of her own good pal, Kaykay, who is totally gorgeous and sexy in my opinion. She even said that if any more comments asked about Kaykay’s number or saying that Kaykay looked hotter and prettier than her, she is going to delete all of them and even stop uploading kaykay’s pictures so that nobody can see her pictures ever again. For someone who can even get jealous with her very own good buddy, I reckon anything can make her riled up so long so you comment her being inferior to anyone.

And judging from the way she can throw the ip address of all her supporters who flamed Dawn on her webpage to encourage Noel to sue them, I really hope XX’s fans can open their eyes can see the real character of someone they really worship.

Im not their fans or supporter or anyway…Just my 2 cents.

brokenpromisering’s reponse to MY post above:
oh nooo

I always loved xiaxue.

of course she’s wrong to be ‘mean’ and ‘defame’ dawn.. but certainly she has the right to blog whatever she wants. I sincerely doubt that she purposely started the whole thing for the sake of publicity – xiaxue always writes controversial things that come into her head. seriously, everything she writes is controversial.

and, what’s wrong with xiaxue saying ‘wah lau stop telling me how pretty kay kay is or i’m never going to post her pictures again’
I thought that it should be obvious that she’s joking…… just like many of the things she writes on her blog. she always says ‘IM DAMN CHIO. WORSHIP ME!!!!!!! ‘ but she herself knows very well ‘aiya, it’s all makeup and photoshop’
and I respect and admire her for that. because she’s funny and entertaining at times.

omg kaori go and read dawnwayang, dawn is such a liar and I am VERY disappointed, although I think she’s beautiful.

oh nooo dawn is a slut. haha.just like the rest of us

MY response to brokenpromisering’s post above: (precisely why am I wasting time to talk sense with an idiot. *disgusted at myself*

Of course she has the right to blog what she wants. Ultimately, lawsuits, attention and hits are what she craves. So long so you bear responsibility for what you do in life and dont regret, its your life anyway. If you realised, actually her hits has been dropping. And straight after the lawsuit thingy, she and dawn both starting endorsing kotex like nothing happened especially after her hits hiked. Therefore if you doubt that she started this because of publicity….then well…..it’s your freedom la.

So far, you will realise all those people whom she flamed are either commoners or attention-seekers. That’s why she wont really get into trouble. Im sure for a girl like her, has much more reservations towards other people. But she dare not write to risk for those hits, because she knows, she is not that influential to escape a lawsuit, nor that rich to hire a good lawyer. So please…she is not as real as you deem her to be. Btw, eh no lor, she really think she is very chio and hot one. She said before mah, she doesnt care if everyone thinks her ugly, so long so she thinks she is HOT, and her bf thinks that she is HOT, that’s enough. Makes sense~

She’s joking about Kaykay’s part? Obvious ma?

Quoted from XX’s blog
“I know you all love Kaykay and think that she is gorgeous, but I believe one more time I see a “KAYKAY IS SO BEAUTIFUL!” or “Gimme KK’s number please!” comment I’m going to implode into little bits of fluff. I’m deleting all such comments because it is stupid to keep repeating stuff that has been said a million times, unless… it is praise for me. Which I enjoy reading over a cup of tea. If enough idiots post such comments, I shall threaten to never post her photos again! YES! I will mosaic her face (and boobs, if within photo) out! Her beauty shall be slightly within your grasp, but never attained! Such is my cruelty.”

Maybe I cant see she’s joking loh. I can only see a very egoistic girl being extremely jealous and being very upright about her annoyance over her best pal being commented prettier than her. Btw, why the need to delete such comments? Not few you know. She delete at the expense of a mere joke, or she’s simply too free? Or she’s simply too narrow-minded to even stomach sincere praises of her buddy? And people who say her buddy is pretty are idiots? Hmmmm……..

Like you say, she also got a right to write whatever she wants in her blog mah. Moreover what she lied is about herself. You can choose not to believe and that’s what our brains are for. Not every report in the news is real too. So what can you expect from a blog written by a…person who gets by in life by doing cosmectic surgery all over her body and being pretty in pictures? But again, that’s her life lor.

Totally agree with Kaori(a.k.a ME)!
What’s the biggie of doing a surgery and not admitting to it? It is at her discretion whether she wants ppl to
know it or vice-versa.
Is there a need to judge dawn yang this way jus becos she had a surgery done? blur.gif
I really pity Dawn.

xx’s not bo liao, the thousands of ppl who enjoys her blog are, haha.
in short, xx is just making use of ppl’s bo-liao-ness to earn a living. lol.
and yeah, who’s to say you have to admit to the whole world that you’ve undergone plastic surgery. what benefit do you gain by getting the person to admit they’ve had plastic surgery? yeah beauty is only skin deep and ppl are just bringing out the ugliness in themselves by for eg, judging dawn’s plastic surgery denial. even i sometimes dont admit to my friends that i farted.

MY response to cunninglinguist above:
yeah somehow her readers who commented on her blog mostly sound very childish and mediocre. XX is definitely not boliao. She strucked me as a smart and pragmatic female who uses her talent in insulting people on her blog and attracting awareness from mediocre and boliao readers who worships her and her blog to create passive income for her. She understands nothing attracts more viewership than quarrels, lawsuits and petty arguments between people. Because humans are kpo by nature. Even on the roads, accidents will definitely attract more people to look. Its quite mission impossible to keep her blog interesting for every entry and forever, because she is just a normal human being with no proper job except to sit infront of a computer to type blog entries. Therefore once in awhile she will do this sort of things to bring back the crowd. I thought most people should know this by now.

Read her blog once in awhile for entertainment or when you boliao is fine, I do that sometimes. But, please exercise some sort of brain activity and not take everything at face value for everything she wrote.

i prefer xx personally…i think she’s much more real n candid…while dy hides behind her plastic surgery and cover ups with lots of lies to everyone….

MY response to love_hina84 above:
Everyone will appreciate being “real” and candidness, but not to the extent of someone being mean and annoying with her candidness.

And what makes you think that XX is very real just because she writes alot on her blog and dawn dont write? The one who writes more will definitely attract more readers and supporters while the one who write less usually have lesser and more easily misunderstood. Dont misunderstand me, I not a fan of Dawn. But I seriously have reservations of XX’s personality.

Nobody is perfect. Some are proud, haolian, some are selfish, some are egoistic, some are so vain, but most importantly, one should not have a bad heart, as in doing harm to others so that ownself has something to gain. If XX is not such a blogger who have so many hits to her page, her comments wont hurt that much and probably wont have such an impact. BUt its precisely her blog got so many hits, she should bear some degree of responsibility for what she write and not writing anything as she damn well pleases. Just like a political figure, teacher, or even artiste should speak wisely because anything they say might influence people to a great extent. But of course she wont care, because she want hits, hits=money, so she dont care if anyone who will suffer in the event.

She really have to thank so many of her supporters like you who is constantly keeping her lifestyle.

agree.. i find xx has a very evil heart..

I think I would feel rather envious too if my readers of my blog have numerous comments about how my friend is pretty. IMO comments are there to give feedback/praise/criticism on the blogger and she naturally felt annoyed seeing comment after comment on someone else rather than her. Maybe that’s why she deleted them. So I don’t really blame her for that. =)

MY response to Yanagi’s post above:
There’s a difference between being “envious” and “jealous”. She’s experiencing something stronger than “annoyance” if she’s willing to take the effort to delete more than hundreds of comments which commented her buddy KK pretty or prettier than her.

And if you’re thinking in your opinion that comments are there to give feedback/praise/criticism on the blogger itself ONLY and not other stuff then you’re so wrong. The day when you decided to blog on the world wide web, you should be prepared for all kinds of comments especially when you’re someone like XX whose site has so much traffic. If she dare to write about all sorts of stuff about other people, claiming they are facts and her VERY HONEST OPINIONS and disallow people to write honest negative comments about her, then in what way can she claim that she is very ‘”real” because she’s projecting her blog in all its positive but naked splendor?? Photoshopped pictures? Very “real”?

If you’re the kind who cant accept truthful comments, or easily annoyed by people who comment others are prettier than you, then keep a private blog or restrict your blog to only your friends for only they will comment stuff which you love to hear. But doing so, she’ll probably will lose all the viewership and goodies which comes with it, hence she can not do that, but can only choose to delete the comments she dont like to see, discreetly. A blogger who deletes comments on her blog instead of standing straight up to refute those comments, does not have my respect. Beauty is very subjective anyway. Since she can delete comments, what else can she not do? Like this very “real”?

You dont really blame her for that, most probably you’re like her(just a guess), who placed alot of emphasis on physical outlook, and thus gets annoyed with negative comments pertaining to looks. Seriously in life, there’s no end to comparisons. XX cant stop tongues wagging nor stop how people think by DELETING all the comments she dont like to see. Even if you’re pretty, there will always be people prettier than you. If you’re smart, there will always be people smarter than you. There’s really no need to get annoyed over people’s comments especially those pertaining to physical outlook because you cant beat facts and there’s no end to comparison. If the facts are there, just accept it. However, trust yourself to improve in areas you can and shine in your own unique way. Perhaps you’re smarter than your pretty friend, or you earn more than her, or you’re have bigger boobs while she has a prettier face? Dont let some useless comments make you grumpy with yourself or annoyed with your friends because you have no fault that you’re born uglier than her and she has no sin because she’s born prettier than you. Embrace your flaws and love them. Dare to face facts.

That’s why Flowerpod is flourishing for everyone of us are constantly to improve ourselves in many ways, no matter is to get whiter teeth, or get better skin, or improve makeup techniques. There’s no fault for us being vain. However, that shouldnt be the ONLY part you should be concerned with. That’s why there’s also “relationship talk”, “entertainment talk”, “lifestyle talk”, “school talk” etc in this forum, because its a wholeman concept. FP is not encouraging all of us to do cosmectic surgery and be a pretty barbie, but to enrich us in many other areas in life. So what if a person is really pretty but fail in all other areas? Like she always get fired, relationship dont work out, no life because she has no friends. I dont mean FACE is not important, it is! But there’s just more in life than being pretty and getting annoyed over comments which say your friends are prettier.

Look at yourself in the mirror. YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE.

**************THE END*****************

Duhz. I dont know why the comment option are being subjected to moderation by default. And I’ve searched the entire settings/profile, still cant find the option to stop moderating comments. That is so troublesome. Maybe that’s life, you have some, you lose some. WordPress got the option of having password protected entries when blogger dont have, but all other features are less user-friendly. Anyone know how to change please tell me. Im not going to email support again. The last email from them to aid my uploading of slideshow wasnt very helpful. I got it, somewhat, ALL BY MYSELF. But actually, not in the correct way. In future, it willl be damn troublesome for me if I need to post pictures, because I will be doing the long-cut, and not the shorter correct way, which should work easier.


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