Girl’s Nite Out

Eh Im really still abit clueless on how to use wordpress. Dont know why some of the normal html commands dont work? Im used to using html commands than the buttons. Been wanting to put up links of friends’ blogs in the blogroll column, but I spent a very long time yet still cant find the “template” as in blogger for me to change. Argghhh.

Haven met Ser for a very long while because she has been busy at work. Finally meet up last Saturday with Viy at Clarke Quay. We shopped around The Central Mall for awhile. Ser and me bought some lingerie. OCBC card got 10% off. It’s not bad leh, because Ser’s bill of 2 bras came up to around $125(Wacoal bras so exp without sale!) while my purchases of 1 matching set of bra/g-string and a matching slip came up to around $100. Therefore total savings: $22. Told ya Im getting more and more auntie. =P

After that we went Riverside Indonesian Restaurant for our dinner as Jumbo Seafood was very packed. Actually we have been planning to have seafood for a century already. Guess have to wait till next time again. Perhaps on Ser’s birthday which is coming very soon. But dont know she got time to meet us or not though. After dinner, we went Clarke Quay China One to have some drinks. As Im sick that day and consumed some antiobiotics, I cant have alcohol. So sad. =( We had our girl’s talk as usual. Ser and Viy always amazed me with some logics which they believed. Haha. But Im seriously shocked with all the stories which revolves around them. No wonder their views became so jaded and cynical. Ser as usual, has her fair share of admirers from her customers at the airport she’s working, where most are married. And Viy will always attract friends around her who are married and constantly lavishing her with gifts. All of us felt disgusted with this group of married guys who are still constantly picking up girls from anywhere available despite their married status. Sigh. Also dont know what the world is coming to. Because of all this, Viy and Ser both feel that being the “smaller” one(a.k.a the mistress) is much better than being the wife or the girlfriend because it seems most of the guys pamper the mistress more than their wives or their girlfriends. Viy also said one of them, the wife is pregnant. Sounds like my friend’s case. Sigh. So? Im also kinda being alittle affected by all these stories. *dubious* So many examples you know. Is it really so difficult to find a faithful husband cum boyfriend?

Oh yah. Dearie subbed a CITI card for me as a surprise. =D Actually not so much of a surprise because I kinda found out about it. But still, LOVE YA DEAR!!

Oh Ser and Viy also went for fortune telling. Viy’s one is quite zun I feel. Interesting. Viy’s one said that she’s not suitable to get married while Ser’s one said its better for her to get marry at a later age about 30. But I guess for the meanwhile, I dont dare or need to go for any consultation. What if the fortune teller says Im not suitable for marriage or *touch wood* anything which is inauspicious? Lol. Then I sure cannot take it siah. =P

I left at around 10+pm to meet dearie for the show “Hancock”. =)

Movie Title: Hancock

Ratings: 4/5

Comments: Kinda too short. It’s all actions. Storyline not very convincing and strong nor engaging enough. More humour scenes will be better. Hmm abit short of expectations.

Some pictures uploaded. I’ve been veryyyy lazy so I’ll lump all our pictures, including those with Li and WY sometime back(also at Riverside Indonesian Restaurant!) all together in a slideshow. Haha!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Hope the code work…if dont work hor, I dont upload liao. I still have around 10+ days to study for my exam only. Boo hoo!!


3 Responses to Girl’s Nite Out

  1. RaiN says:

    Ger, you may try using XHTML. I played with wordpress before, but that is a long time back… and I can’t really remember. Just give whatever codes you wanna put a small twitch to XHTML and it might just work. No guarantee though 😛

  2. Chilli Padi says:

    chim leh girl…I dont understand… =P

  3. RaiN says:

    hahaha, okok. I will try to play with it after my examinations. Am now too occupied. Come back to you on real concrete solutions soon

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