Half-yearly goalsetting day at CSC

I really hope I will recover soon because there’s tons of things to be done. Throat is still feeling as if it’s stuffed with sawdust and its making me frustrated. Somehow, I just dont have the mood to study. Sigh.

Yesterday was our half yearly goal-setting day. Well, its time to face the music. I did not meet what was expected of me and hence need to suffer penalty. Which is to pick a green packet which might ranged from a fine from $8, $18, $28, $38, $48, $58, $68, $78 to $88. Around 15 of us suffered fines and the order to choose these green packets from a board of 8X8 green packets was determined by drawing lots. I was damn nervous you know, its like 开宝箱,赢巨奖. Just that this time round, mine is not 奖 but fines. =( There were a few got did well and hence got to pick red and golden packets too, with price money of the same range. Theirs then are 奖 lah. And guess what, out of all the penalty sufferers, I was being picked the last to have my pick of the green packets. So suay siah. Which means, when I was being left to choose the packets, out of 64 green packets, 14 were already chosen and what’s worst is….nobody picked $88!! Most of them picked small numbers, the max is $78. I was mumbling to myself and writing down what was being picked to gauge what’s the probability left…. =/ As I was the last one, the management team were cheering for $88 as the money will go into our agency fund, while my close colleagues were cheering for $8 etc.

Although $88 is a small number lah…, I was having butterflies in my stomach when I start to pick. Nervous manz. Guess what? I got $18!!!! Oops.. -$18 I mean, a fine of $18. Im SO estactic that I jumped with happiness. After that, its the turns of managers to have their pick, for those who did not cleared their targets too. Damn funny. All of us were cheering for them to get the max fine of $88 and they were so stressed. Most of them get big numbers too, $58, $68 or $78. Strangely enough, the $88 packets were unpicked at the end of the day. Finally E revealed where are the big numbers in all the coloured packets. There were indeed the negative $88 packets as well as the subsequent positive $88 red packets.

Overall, it has been an enjoyable day/night with all the team building and team bonding games, albeit very tired. We are the blue team, Ocean 7 and we got the overall 1st runner-up. Seriously, all of us were wondering how can we get 1st runner-up when we didnt get first for any of the 3 games. We suspected maybe its the black team who won but the judges mistakened them for us because we wore dark blue T-shirts? Haha!

The first game was to do up a hamper with $45-$50 consisting of 7 or more items and then try to advertise for sale to the judges. As usual, testing our 口才. Haha. We were at CSC and jogged over to West Mall to buy the items. Quite tired when we ran for most of journey to and fro to save time for wrapping. Haha very funny when each team tried to outshine each other with their hard-sell talk. Its more amusing than serious when some teams tried to sabotage other teams saying theirs not as good as them. Lol. Friendly game. =) H got selected via drawing lots and did quite a good job. We came in third for this game. The hamper ended up as a gift to the manager in our group as per instruction by the organizers to show our appreciation for their hard work in organizing the half-yearly goal setting this year.

The second game is quite popular. Each team has 6 people. Everyone got to tie 2 balloons at their ankles. Team leader got 4 balloons which he can tie anywhere. We must burst each other’s balloons by stamping on them whereas the leader can use hands too. But, once all the balloons of the leader burst, the team will lose. Im quite terrified with balloons, moreover I was wearing normal flat soles and not sport shoes. You know how painful if balloons are to burst near your skin huh. Hence, I was pretty afraid that the balloons around my ankles will burst! So most of the time Im hiding beside the leader, to act as if Im protecting him. Hahaha. I did run about awhile to join in the fun. Boy, was it exciting and tiring! You have to keep hopping about to avoid the balloons at the ankles being attacked. While at the same time, being rough enough to get near to other teams so as to burst their balloons. I was squealing with fright when a few hopped over and tried to attack me. To get to our targets(the balloons) closer, sometimes we will hold on to competitor’s arms so that they cant run, and then the aggressive footwork starts. Hence a few male attackers almost scared the hell out of me when they were like, very rough. =.= Bo bian. Since they held onto me, I also held onto them and tried to stamp their balloons also! But I didnt exceed in bursting any. =( Size 3 feet difficult to stamp big balloons leh. Anyway my 2 balloons were still intact. Feeling tired and cowardly, I “donated” them(its allowed, just cannot donate to teamleader) to another of my team member who had his balloons bursted. He is far better a player than me and Im sure he can do better with that 2 balloons. =P We came up third for this game.

The last game was played by passing pingpong balls. Not by spoon, but by our lips. Haha Dont get me wrong. We didnt end up kissing one another. Everyone of us was given a piece of small cardboard attached with 2 strips of double-sided tape. We were required to bite that piece of cardboard with mouth and use the sticky part of the tape to pass the pingpong balls to and fro. 10 pingpong balls to be passed and the fastest win of course. Infront of me was O, while after me was H. Passing from O was alright, but dont know why keep failed with H! Oh my god! Perhaps she was also gan jiong then everytime she banged hard onto me so as to make the pingpong ball stick harder. But somehow always backfired and end up my lips very pain. =( After the game ended, my jaw felt so numb and my lips were so red as if just mahciam being forced to kiss. Haha. This game we came up 3rd or 4th, forgotten.

I guess some points were given for our cheer and stuff. Dont know lah, we just came up overall 2nd. Got a little prize. A notebook. =P

The whole day lasted from 8am to 11.30pm. So damn tired. Worse still, I forgot to bring my antibiotics, end up whole day didnt take any medication. Hence Im like a sick pig now. Worse, my left leg got mucularache. Must be too much running and jumping for an excercise idiot like me. Argghhh~


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