Im sick again

I have been so busy for the past few weeks. Fatigue, sickness, sloth all lumped into one. Hence the drop of entry posts. Even now, I felt as if there’s a apple in my throat. No, not adam’s apple, but I think my throat is swollen. Talked too much these few days. =X

Last friday was Iv’s birthday. Being the clubbing king, of course he chose to celebrate it at his home, St James. He booked a table in Movida. It was a great night with some pals which I haven meet for a long time, like Ch, Tr, Ce etc. They reached at 8pm while K and me reached at 10pm. Guess what? By then, the gang had already finished 4 bottles of hard liquor and 3 barrels of beer. And the birthday boy tried hard to look normal despite he’s already half gone. Initially K and I planned to ordered Waterfall as well as Lamborghini for him. But after he drowned the Lamborghini with Jas, he really looked quite “gone case”. Lol. So I canceled the other order. What a spoil sport. K and I went Boiler Room to loitter awhile because we always feel the songs there are nicer. After we went back Movida, Iv had already gone home, to puke probably. Haha!

So many blemish creams are out in the market lately. They have been highly raved for their healing properties as well as being an excellent primer. I meant to get one but really no idea which to get. Still waiting for the spree to come, I missed the last comprehensive spree. Damn. Consulted Ir for her opinions. Woah She’s really informative. I told her what is my skin type and what I want and she gave me her opinions. It seems Dr Jart, BRTC and Coogi are all the popular raves. She said CastleDew and Skinfood Aloe are good, though the former got abit of rubber smell while the latter might cause breakouts in some people. =.= I really dont like rubber smell, I mean…who like right? =P Although she said its not a funny smell, I will still let it go. As for the latter, I dont want to risk my face for breakouts!! Maybe I will get Coogi. Hee!

I need to see doctor tomorrow…my throat…Sigh…but dearie is working tomorrow. Guess I have to go myself then. Wednesday then can start my appointments…. Thurday got half-yearly goal setting which is a whole day event. Friday already got appointment with client. Weekend maybe meeting Se and Vi if they can make it.

And I still need to study for my exam on 27th… god the notes are so thick… I directly skipped them and studied the summary…. Haven finish though. ZzzZz. Aiya…still need to catch “Hancock” with Dearie…he has been bugging me these few days but Im simply too tired to go catch it.

I need a rest tomorrow. Have a veryyyy temptingggg urge to OFF my handphone tomorrow. =P


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