Dearie and I just caught the suckiest show ever for this whole year.

Movie title: The Strangers

Ratings: -2/5

Comments: The plot can be finished in 1 sentence. 3 killers succeeded murdering a couple in their house with no reason and went scott-free.

30minutes into the show, I asked dearie shall we leave. He said see first…since it’s too early to make a judgment. =( We should have left. Wasted an hour and a half there which made our mood sucked. Speeded home to watch an episode of 壹号皇庭 to re-balance our mood. Bloody wasted our money and time.

Met up with K and G just now for dinner and short drink. Despite its a short meet-up, we had loads of fun reliving some of our past silly antics over some stupid guys. Lol. Mostly its me spilling out the beans about them. I seldom get insensible over guys. Wahahaha just kidding! I marvelled at how fast time flies. Okie. It’s my favourite quote lately…but its really amazing. I think back on how we got to know each other. It was like 5+years ago. Then we start to do the links like friendster, as in who got to know who through whom. It is a complicated spider web. We have changed so much now.

Dearie has been eating like a pig lately. Yesterday he ate 2 big bowls of fat noodles and one and a half packet of biscuits we bought from Japan. That’s seriously alot! Last time he used to eat lesser than me. Now that Im on a diet, I tried to eat slightly lesser than my normal portion. It just seemed hilarious when its the reverse now and he ate so much more than me. Now and then he will grumble that he’s hungry..haha..just like a kid going through puberty. I said it’s his 2nd time puberty. Hahaha.

Oh yah I heard Dawn Yang is lodging a lawsuit against Xiaxue. Pretty boliao. Oh well, but at least this churns attention for them, which is what they craved most anyway.

So tired. Ciaoz


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