My lovelife

Argh. Lately, Im feeling more and more constipated when trying to call the right words to mind when blogging. Language ability seemed to be deteriorating. Like wise with my stamina, health. In short, Im aging!!! And last time my M lasts about 5 days, now it lasts about 3! Im so afraid I will have early menopause siah, which is very very bad!

So fast and its July already. It called to mind that our ROM is only 3months away and my birthday is 1 month away. And because of the stupid NDP every year, we always got to book our hotel getaway way in advance. I wondered this year should we continue to book Fullerton. As I said, we have always been satisfied with their rooms and service. Since no other hotels provide such great rooms and service at a much economical price with the same accessibility…I guess maybe we’ll still continue to book there this year. Ever since our first and second Valentines were spent there, we seemed to have some sort of bonding with Fullerton. =)

But true lah…after few times of checking in the same hotel(even though booked different rooms before), as much as they’re fantastic, one will seek a refreshing change isnt it? Therefore, just now I’ve checked out other premium hotels like, The Oriental Hotel, Shangri-La and Changi Village hotel. We have never stayed there before. The first 2 are comparable to Fullerton. I am attracted to Oriental’s deco. Shangri-La’s deco and service is impeccable too. I like Changi Village’s resort feel but just realised that their rooms are quite small in square feet as compared with the others. Pricing is around the same for the rooms I like across the board. The Oriental have the harbour view room to watch the fireworks for the NDP but it will cost more than $500 after +++. Dearie said its up to me, if I like just go ahead. But I feel its too indulging to spend more than $500 for just 1 night. Its like a $100 more for that few minutes of fireworks of the NDP. Moreover, now that we’re preparing the wedding, I dont wish him to spend too much for my birthday. But just the sweet way which he let me decide wherever I want just to pamper me just makes me melt. =D

Hmm…but even if we book Fullerton, we also need to make reservations for dinner on the Eve…. So much so for being born on that special day. =/ Fullerton’s location is great, maybe we can book dinner at Jumbo Seafood or any restaurants at Clarke Quay. Heehee.

Lately, dearie and me are hooked on 壹号皇庭。 We bought all 5 series of it and hell, it is expensive okie…despite they said per disc only sold at $2. Cheat cheat cheat oneeeeee.

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